4-76 [CIA ops related to Sep 11]: We can confirm CIA involvement from the different angle

There are several more issues related to the Sep 11 attack.


The first issue is a Michael. There has been a doubt that the CIA knew the Sep 11 attack beforehand and one of the proofs was a story about the female CIA officer named as Michelle.


She was a liaison officer to the FBI and showed photos of several attackers who ran the Sep 11 attack eventually. They had been actually under surveillance of the CIA already and she confirmed whether the FBI knew them with showing the photos of them without further information.


I had not known the CIA officer called as Michelle but knew the officer introducing herself as Michael. I met her in London in 1999 and we exchanged an e-mail, probably after 2001 attack. My PC was broken and I had no evidence left for this contact, but the CIA and the Japanese police intelligence had this e-mail if they had not deleted it on purpose.


I met several CIA officers in London in 1999, one of them called me directly after the Sep 11 attack, who definitely knew the terrorist act in advance. I had not realized she was a CIA officer for a long time but noticed her career was peculiar.


She was stationed basically in London, but there were other officers flying from the US to meet me, probably for the interview.


In that occasion, we discussed the global political issue and I had a different viewpoint from them at some point as I was a student of the best graduate school in Japan for the politics at that time, though I am pretty much sure they had more knowledge in the detail.


Just in case, there was no American but a few CIA officers and full of the international students except English natives, with many Brits of course. These traveling Americans directly talked to me at that large bar and all of them were likely the CIA officers as they were the only ones talked to me at that place as a traveler. All of them started to discuss the international issue, which meant that they had interviewed me.


Michael was one of them and she was less likely a field agent but an analyst which holds true to the profile of Michelle that the FBI recognized. Additionally to say, these two figures were around the same age.


Furthermore, the real name of this Michelle of the CIA was a Michael. Statistically speaking, these figures were the same person at 30-50% probability, as there were not so many named as a Michael who was born around 1970, working as an analyst at the CIA.


I cannot find her photo on the net, though I can confirm her identity still. If it is confirmed, we can prove all the covert operation of the CIA related to Sep 11 attack, at least.


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