4-27 [Radicalized ex-director general]: He was the main traitor who also targeted me forever

There are many officers and spies involved in the operation against me, though it was quite hard to identify who initiated it from the scratch. My father has been on the watch list of the CIA and Japanese police intelligence for more than half a century, which was a part of the reason why I could not name who started the whole. I was highly likely on the same watch list since birth, hence it was apparently beyond my knowledge.


Having said that, I have been a critical target of their operations for decades, which was definitely determined by the influential figure. He was Iwao Uruma, one of the two most powerful ex-director generals of the Japanese police department. At least, he was involved in my case at the age of early 40s as a local police chief when his career path was not confirmed to become the head of police. However, he was promoted smoothly, which gave him the power to escalate the illegal operation against me.


He has been still related to the eliminative operation against me and definitely in charge of the decision making. His influence was well known in the Japanese politics and society and I had condemned his involvement for years, hence it became difficult for him to work on this case with hands-on. Contrarily, he has tried hard to deny his relation, which I confirmed at his newspaper column.


He was also an important figure at the Japanese police intelligence, and after all, the intelligence covert team has been completely wrong to run criminal operations for decades. This team was in charge of the sting operation against me, including ones in Hong Kong, instructed by him.


There was another important fact that he was the one who reinforced a criminal investigation against the financial industries, which itself was fine, but I was a subject of the instigation of many financial crimes at the same period. It implied that he started to acquire intelligence assets in this industry to frame others, especially me. I had declined any criminal activity, which was why I was survived but not for many people.


This same covert team was in charge of the runaway operation of the Aum fugitive and also turn-in of one of the three fugitives. I was framed to be involved in his escape, but actually it was just another operation of the Japanese police intelligence.


All of those indicated that the electromagnetic wave operation was dominated by this covert intelligence team in Japan. This organization is called as zero, named after the zeroth section of the intelligence division, which has been well known, though their capability was not well known. That was why several police directors were hospitalized due to this technology in 2000-01, some of them retired afterward, which collapsed the prime minister, Keizo Obuchi, as well.


This covert team had not been politicized, but it was tilted to the left and radicalized toward that direction. That was why the prime was killed, which actually took place around the time when this influential police bureaucrat took over its control. He was one of the main members to radicalize the intelligence covert team and conducted many political operations to pursue his Marxist ideal.


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