4-37 [North Korean badge left over]: There were only two explanations: they were framed or left it on purpose

There was a badge of the North Korean people’s army left behind the scene and there were only two explanations for this, one of which was a message from North Korean and another was that the perpetrators placed it to stage North involvement.


As a result, there was the only choice for the police to investigate their relation and if this had been a framing, it should have been well calculated. However, as a matter of fact, the police had not investigated an involvement of North Korea and they did not raise this possibility, which was totally improbable.


The police should have probed into North Korean possibility even if they had been framed by this leftover, especially because they could not find out the shooter to be prosecuted, which made them required to check far-flung probabilities.


The only reason they did not investigate an involvement of North Korea was that they had no intention to scrutinize it from the scratch. The police intelligence was in charge of this investigation and they intentionally ignored it.


Then, there was no other reason why they did not consider it but they knew North Korea was involved from the scratch. The police failed to identify a true shooter, which meant that the probability should have been open to many, including North Korean spy. However, they did not consider its probability, indicating that they knew the spy shot their director general as soon as seeing this badge.


We, the general public, had believed that the Aum cult assaulted the police director general and the police intelligence had just focused on the whereabouts of one of the fugitives, Makoto Hirata, as a mastermind. However, the truth was that they had known where he was for almost all the time and they contrarily had supported his runaway for a long time. They had successfully concealed him until the end of statute of limitations and this was not an open case anymore.


There were many crimes and terrorist attacks caused by the Aum cult in those days, hence it was quite probable that this shooting was also executed by them. Adding to this, the police intelligence brainwashed one of the policemen believing this cult, who confessed he might have shot the director and they condemned this fugitive was the mastermind.


All in all, the police intelligence knew that it was not an act of the Aum cult from the beginning. They should have investigated other possibilities and the next biggest focus should have been a spy from North Korea, but they did not scrutinize it profoundly, meaning they knew it was executed by the spy.


We have been basically deceived by the police intelligence as they created one of the Aum fugitives as a mastermind. It was the fact that they supported his runaway, indicating that there is the only probability that the police intelligence covered up the North Korean involvement.


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