4-36 [North Korea shot the director general]: This fact was covered up by the police intelligence

What was a truth that the police intelligence hid from the public in terms of this shooting case? There were several critical related facts, but the simple answer is that they covered up the trace that the police director general was shot by North Korea.


There were several residues at the scene, some of which were left behind on purpose: a coin of Korean won and a badge of the North Korean People’s Army. Generally speaking, this was a message of the North Korean spy which just made sense to the relevant people.


When the spy cannot communicate each other directly for some reason, they employ a methodology to deliver a message directly to the counterpart exactly like in this way. This leftover message was quite common in the intelligence community, though hard to crack the meaning by the outsiders.


If I had been the main Japanese police liaison officer to North Korea, I would have realized the shooting was executed by them. There were reasons why they should have contained a command of this director general and these related officers noticed North Korean involvement at once when hearing there was a North Korean army badge left behind.


On the other hand, there were two interpretations for the Korean coin, one of which was that they would provide a concession or a money more directly to the member of the police covert team. Or there was another possibility that they would reveal a police dirty money case if not helped.


I could not confirm either of which was a correct message, but in general, it was a fact that the Japanese police and North Korea was quite related in terms of the pachinko concession.


They have shared the same money source, the pachinko, the most popular gamble in Japan, since the middle of the 1980s, which was provided to the police by North Korea, meaning the police gave up some legal case against North Korea to gain a concession from this business. I assumed North Korea would reveal the whole concession if not helped.


Having said that, I could not confirm what the true message was, even though it was almost concluded that he was shot by North Korea.


There were many pieces of evidence related to this covert mission. As said, the cover-up operation was planned and conducted by the covert team of the Japanese police intelligence which was managed by the investigator of the security planning division. Shoichiro Ishikawa assumed this post at that time and he has been in charge of the Japanese foreign policy against North Korea for three years until now.


There were more people related to this cover-up operation, those have been more trusted by North Korea and actually treated as such. Some of them have been in charge of the Japanese foreign policy against them, but it has not been for Japan, but to maintain their power and to hide their relation to North Korea.


This relation was essentially established as they shared the same pachinko concession, but moreover, they accumulated more issues to hide together, including this shooting case.


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