4-35 [Created Aum fugitive]: He was availed to hide a truth of the shooting case

The electromagnetic operation in the middle of 1990s was definitely conducted by the same group of the organizations holding this capability now, meaning the CIA and Japanese police intelligence in Japan.


The Japanese police has been provided this technology from the CIA, hence they have been connected fundamentally.


Especially, this electromagnetic wave operation used to be a hidden methodology and not all the agents had not known it for a long time, which implying that their covert teams were more affiliated through this capability.


This operation was also outsourced, mainly to the intelligence asset. The majority of the Japanese police intelligence asset has been the left extremist, hence some of them have conducted the mission by proxy.


For this exact shooting case, one of the police officers was brainwashed and made a confession that he might have shot the director general. The Japanese police intelligence should have realized this manipulation if it had been conducted by other parties, indicating this was done by them.


Adding to this, the main suspect condemned as a mastermind had run away until the statute of limitations was over, which was supported by the police intelligence and he was also manipulated to run away until the end by them.


Both of them were only executable by the police intelligence, definitely planned by the covert organization called as “zero”. This operation was planned and conducted by the investigator at the security planning division in those days, Shoichiro Ishikawa.


The Aum fugitive believed he was prosecuted falsely if tuning into the police before the statute of limitations, but basically, it was impossible to pursue the case without enough evidence. My assumption was that he was not legally charged at least for this case, while the police intelligence should have been stuck in the trouble as they would have needed to create another suspect to hide the truth.


His thought and behavior was definitely controlled by the electromagnetic wave, as I was also a subject of this wave operation, which manipulated me to work with him at the same construction site.


His turn-in was also well calculated as the Japanese police intelligence was able to continue the torture against me as I was suspected as a terrorist. They had believed they could leverage it to fall me down with more tortures.


However, their plan was failed as I introduced another witness that I was not involved in, who was an attorney prosecutor and their colleague should believe him more than the vague intel of the police intelligence. Then, they started another plot to hide that I was related to this Aum fugitive.


In any way, it was too late to hide everything. I was manipulated by the electromagnetic wave to work with him at the same company and his runaway was manipulated to hide a truth of the shooting against the police director general. Moreover, as far as I was alive, there was a large possibility that their covert operation was revealed in this way.


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