4-94 [CIA was always out there]: My family was an early target of the electromagnetic wave operation conducted by the Japanese police intelligence introduced by the CIA

The CIA has been always around the operation against me since the beginning as it is not me originally on the CIA watch list but my father has been their active target. He is a member of the Japan Communist Party and used to be one of the leaders of the labor union of an American company, which made him a perfect enemy of the CIA.


Just in case, he told me that he was monitored by the Japanese police intelligence so that I am 100% positive that we were on the watch list of the intelligence agencies. He knew he was under surveillance as his high school classmate told him that, who was actually a police officer involved in the operation. Therefore, I assumed his action was not a result of his good will, but the police intelligence would like to confirm whether my father became an intelligence asset or not.


As far as I know, the police intelligence has continued the operation against him for half a century and I assume they would continue it until he is completely killed. It also means that the CIA has been involved in those operations as he was also on the CIA watch list.


I have been a subject of the electromagnetic operation since youth, as he was an original target of this technology, not in the other way around. This indicated that the CIA was involved in the radiowave operation against my family from the scratch, as this capability was introduced to the Japanese police from the agency. This technology was exported to Japan highly likely in the early 1980s and my family became their target without soon, which was another reason why the CIA originally knew we were subjects as we were on their list already at that time.


This technology was provided to a covert operation team, called as zero of the Japanese police intelligence, which implies that there are many CIA assets in this organization as well. That is why they trusted those people even though there were many CIA officers who had no idea of this technology.


I have been on their watch list since born, but I had no idea when I became their critical target. In my understanding, the Japanese police intelligence failed to hire me as their asset and failed several assassination attempts until the middle of the 1990s, which attracted an attention of the CIA as I started to see foreign spies around that time.


Then, I went to London in 1999 when the CIA monitored me closely, implying that they become in charge of the operation against me around that time.


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