4-95 [Intelligence community always needs an enemy]: If necessary, they have created their targets

The Japanese police intelligence started to frame me as an enemy in the early 1990s. At first, they led me to join the left extremist activity eventually to be hired as their asset. I knew some others who actually fell into their trap to become extremists, probably working as an intelligence asset later on.


The left extremists grew older and their activity will cease unless finding out their successors. This direction was quite dangerous to the Japanese police intelligence which would lose their raison d’etre as the left extremist is almost single dangerous terrorist belief in Japan. The peace is always an enemy to the intelligence community.


That was why they supported the left extremist to find out the successors in the 1990s as the collapse of Soviet Union deprived a momentum completely from the activity of pursuing the revolution.


There was another hidden issue here that there were many sympathizers in the police department to believe the left extremism. The majority of them used to be students in the 1960s when the student movement was radicalized to the left and conducted many violent acts.


I was one of their targets, though it did not work as I am a proponent of the freedom, democracy and capitalism already when they tried to entrap me for the leftist activity during my high teen.


My philosophy has contradicted to other types of the police career who are more authoritarian than socialist.


The capitalism is an idea to deny the distribution by the government. The freedom is an idea to restrict the government authority. The democracy is an idea to give the sovereignty to the people. All of them denies the authoritarian view of the police career and that was why they have hated me as I have been dangerous to their existence.


The enemy is not just created by the Japanese intelligence, but it has been a trend all over the world amongst the intelligence community for a long time, especially in the 1990s. The end of the cold war was a victory of the Western intelligence, but also a start of their unnecessity.


The CIA and other agencies needed an enemy to fight with and created them if necessary. One of the easiest way at that time was to ignore an intel of the real terrorist attack to provoke a necessity of the intelligence job, which includes an ignorance of the Sep 11 attack and they let it happen even though fully aware of the terrorist plot.


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