4-87 [Fund was pulled out]: The whole event was a setup of the CIA

The initial inception was pulled out while I was establishing my own company. They explained to me that this US public fund had decided to withdraw from the long-short strategy in the Japanese stock market and I was thrown out without any customers, which compelled me to rewrite the business plan.


There was no problem if signing a paper beforehand, though it was illegal to do it before licensed properly, which was only possible after establishing the licensed company so that there was a window time with a full of risk and they actually stopped a lifeline, a few days before getting the license.


This was a CIA operation and I am pretty much sure who was responsible, knowing the name of people who were involved in this operation. I tried to avoid to write down the names unless they were absolutely a public figure, though it was not illegal to write down their names as well, as this whole event is categorized as the public interest and their identities are associated with.


By the way, I got an excuse after this initial fund disappeared. It sounded like she did not know what she was involved with, though she was highly likely told to make an excuse to avoid a direct damage to herself as it was dangerous if I had become one of the crazy spies.


I met many people to find out the potential customers after I lost my initial fund and some of them actually realized that I was framed by the spy, though I did not realize what was going on, still. As said, there were many CIA assets in the financial industry, whose identity can be spotted from their careers as some of them lost a practical job like me for a couple of years, and eventually, they accepted an offer from the intelligence agency.


I also knew some of them getting away from this trap, though having the similar career history spending some period without a practical job. I am not able to run away from them yet so that I had been tortured for years and the Japanese police intelligence and the CIA controlled everything not to make it public.


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