4-90 [Realization of spy ops]: There were a bunch of intelligence ops, though I had not realized them for decades

I eventually worked in the financial industry so that there were many sting operations to frame me for the illegal transaction and the financial fraud. Their endless operations basically imply that there were many individuals working as an intelligence asset after falling down with those tactics.


I met lots of intelligence asset of the CIA and Japanese police intelligence. Some of them were not necessarily there to trap me and told me indirectly how the spy conducted an operation. It was partially because they would like to confirm whether I was also an asset or not, otherwise letting me know I was targeted by the intelligence community.


There were many other spies directly hired by the intelligence agencies, working as a field agent or analyst. In the most of the cases, I did not realize their real identity, but some of them behaved quite out of normal though I did not notice they were spies at that time.


The majority of the intelligence officers I met were from the US, China and UK, and also many officers from the Japanese police intelligence and Japanese Public Security Investigation Agency as well as many spies from South and North Korea.


I encountered with more than a hundred of spies in my life, even though I have not been one of them, as I have been a serious target of them for decades. At the same time, they have failed to fall me down and I have successfully avoided becoming one of them.


When they gave up to hire me as an asset, there were many plots to eliminate me. I was drugged and poisoned by them quite often and they set up several critical car accidents. I realized those were traps because there were always police officers at the dangerous scene in advance.


My room was burnt though it was improbable for me to realize it was a result of the spy operation as I did not realize I had been a serious target. A helicopter directly flew to me on the hilltop and they kept hovered just in front of me, though I thought it was a result of the coincidental accident as I did not conduct any crimes.


However, I realized all of them were intelligence operations once I found out I had been a serious target of the spy.


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