4-41 [Japanese police cover-up 1]: Police intelligence created a story and supported a runaway of the named mastermind

The police intelligence conducted many operations to cover up this shooting against the Japanese police director general. At first, they brainwashed one of their members who was also a believer of the Aum cult to confess that he might have shot the director. Then, the police claimed one of the Aum leaders was the mastermind whose runaway was supported by them. He eventually turned himself in, but it was after a 15-year statute of the limitations, just for this shooting case.


This was an essence of their cover up, and moreover, they announced this shooting was conducted by the Aum cult without any proofs when their formal investigation was ceased in 2010, 15 years later from the shot. They had continuously covered up a truth of this shooting in this way.


There was another fundamental cover-up in this case that the police availed to make another confession with the hypnosis. This confessed shooter’s memory had been always fragile and vague as it was said to be that the Aum cult wiped out his memory, which was why the police hypnotized this suspect to revive the tale behind the shooting.


This hypnosis was known to the general public as it was leaked to the media. The police intelligence was in charge of this investigation and it was impossible to leak this unnoticeably, meaning that the video was provided to the press on purpose.


This leaking operation successfully created a perception in the public that this shooting was conducted by the Aum cult, which was commanded by one of three fugitives, Makoto Hirata. This was apparently an anti-society operation to manipulate the general public, one of the common missions of the intelligence organization including the Japanese police intelligence.


This hypnosis video was quite famous and the therapist got recognized by this leak, though I did not claim he was involved in the cover-up noticeably. It is impossible to judge whether he knew a nature of this hypnosis beforehand or not, and moreover, it was not a fundamental issue.


There were officers who asked him to conduct this hypnosis, those were apparently related to the true perpetrator of this cover-up operation. This confessed police officer lived under a severe detention of the police intelligence, therefore the true perpetrators were also ones of their members or the whole organization.


If the police really wants to know who shot their director general at that time, they just ask this therapist who paid him to conduct this hypnosis, which was quite an easy inquiry for the police.


There was another critical point for this particular cover-up which was a timing of this leak. This video was broadcasted by the media on 18-19 February 1997 and the police actually lost the trace of those Aum fugitives from the end of 1996. They successfully blended them into the society covertly around the same time, while they announced this was another act of the Aum cult terrorist attacks. A few months later, I started to work with one of the fugitives at the construction site, which was another operation against me to avail this situation.


All in all, they at least had decided to cover up the shooting case with the Aum fugitive around this time and the hypnosis video was one of the antisociety operation to make the public believe it was an act of the Aum cult to hide a true nature.


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