4-97 [Electromagnetic wave technology has worsened the situation]: Spy has a capability to manipulate subjects more covertly and remotely than publicly known

It is the electromagnetic wave technology to make the intelligence community more threatening to the mankind. They can conduct a critical operation without this capability, but they can frame their target quite easily with this technology.


The spy can brainwash the target covertly and remotely as they can send a thought directly to the brain with the radiowave. Furthermore, your emotion is also maneuvered by this technology which makes you believe the thought sent by the wave.


The emotion control is not necessarily a secondary option with other operations, but it is exploded just by the electromagnetic wave irradiation, which can create an impulse to assault others. You might be addicted to the drug if the stress is escalated with this technology with the physical invitation, or even your suicidal emotion is enhanced to lead to the real action with this wave.


In this world, there are many perpetrators created by this technology as well as many victims killed by them.


The electromagnetic wave is also used as a way of the assassination. They can create a cerebral or visceral disease just by the unique pattern of frequencies, which includes a fatal symptom of angina, irregular pulse and brain stroke.


The outcome depends on the individuality and not all the people are killed by these irradiations, but there are a bunch of people killed by this technology with these symptoms. Even if we are not dead directly from the irradiation, there are cases that we have suffered from the permanent visceral diseases, sometimes ended up with the death. The spy has actually availed this technology to kill their targets.


The intelligence community employs this capability for their self-determination to maintain the authority of the intelligence agencies around the world. It is exercised to expel the politicians to restrict their power and also used to manipulate others to increase their authority, budget and headcounts.


There is another dangerous way to enhance the intelligence necessity, which is to create a terrorist attack. The spy sometimes ignores an intel of the terrorist attacks to let them happen or create a terrorist attack with this electromagnetic wave to manipulate the attacker.


There were many cases actually triggered by the wave, but they were not publicly admitted yet, which is actually the most dangerous situation. It becomes apparent to lots of people and the spy started to employ this technology more opaquely, which is still untouched.


We should make this public and let the people know there are ways to counter this technology, we can partially save the mankind from this danger.


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