4-71 [Reason behind the endless operation against me]: There was no other option but killing me, as I became a potential witness of their wrongdoings

I still cannot grasp the true reason why the Japanese police intelligence has targeted me forever, though as a matter of fact, Iwao Uruma has been quite critical as he has targeted me at least since his 40s and was promoted to the head of Japanese police intelligence, eventually to become a director general of the police department.


His promotion was partially created by the electromagnetic wave operation to retire his competitors out of the race for the director general. He was one of the main leaders to demolish the Japanese society who employed the same electromagnetic wave technology to many politicians as well.


There was originally no reason to target me in the same way as the famous political figures, such as Shoichi Nakagawa or Ichiro Ozawa as I did not become one of them, but there was no difference as a standpoint of the antipersonnel operation. This basically means that the influential figure in the police department has been targeting me forever, which is one of the confirmations that Iwao Uruma was crucial to the operation against me.


There was another fundamental reason for the escalation that they have continuously failed their operations against me. It made me a witness to the covert operation of theirs so that they should have eliminated me before the revelation occurred. All of the failures started from their misunderstanding that I would have easily become one of the left extremists supported by the Japanese police intelligence, which was why they left many traces of their connection.


I have been actually positioned the most far away from the left extremist and the Japanese police intelligence, in terms of the personal history and the philosophical view, hence there is no way to drag me to their side.


If they had given up the whole operation at some point, the issue would not have been revealed in this way, but it did not happen so that the only option was to run an operation to eliminate me until the success. However, their continuous failure has made me more dangerous to them, as I eventually became a witness that they have demolished the Japanese system in the Marxist way with the electromagnetic wave.


The operation started from pushing me to the left extremist activity, which was escalated to avail the hijacker from Japan Red Army and the fugitive of Aum sarin attack. Then, I was framed as a terrorist related to Sep 11 attack.


I became a dangerous figure to the CIA at this point as some of them suspected I was one of the terrorists and some others knew that I was a critical witness that they left the Sep 11 attackers at large to conduct terrorist acts.


As a general, I would have died at some point as there were many assassination attempts actually and I would have been caught as there were a plenty of sting operations. I have never counted all of them, though they were more than a hundred of them, excluding tortures, electromagnetic manipulations and gaslightings.


The Japanese police intelligence dragged the CIA into their operations against me, which expanded the number of officers who would like to eliminate me. It also meant that there was an issue inside the CIA to be hidden from the public eye as well and to cover up all the evidence including me as a witness.


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