3-92 [Predated spy operation]: I realized to be monitored before the sting ops conducted, indicating I have been their target

Those stories I told until here were incidents happened at the Amami islands, the northern part of the Nansei islands starting from December of 2012, though I had visited Okinawa, the southern part in October of 2011, which was actually slightly before the spy operation was openly conducted.


I often went there and would like to dive at Yonaguni island at that specific time. There was a site called as a ruin under the sea, which can be available from the late October, as it was located in the south of the island, where we can dive after the north wind started to blow in the winter. It means this time around was the best season for diving there as it was still warm in this region.


There has been another custom of mine that I walk or ride around the island to know how it is, which was the case in Yanaguni island as well.


That was the original purpose of my trip but I had enough time to visit other islands, hence decided to go to Yoron island at first, one of the Amami islands. I borrowed a bicycle there to go around, but eventually would like to dive as well; this kind of improvisation has been a style of my trip.


When I hopped around the Amami islands in late 2012, there were several locals talking about the fact that I visited Yoron in October of 2011. They said that they saw me at one of the beaches, which I actually remembered three locals there at off-season without no tourists. This kind of remark was a part of the whole gaslighting, but I also realized one important fact.


I was watched in this October of 2011 fully by the police intelligence and spy, which was why they knew the detail of my whereabout. I also realized fact that my room was repaired fully due to an accident caused by the upper room, around the same period, which was actually a spy operation to prepare monitors and bugs in my room.


The intelligence community has put me under surveillance for decades, but I did not realize this fact yet. I slowly confirmed what the spy did to me, but this Yoron story was one of the triggers as the big sting operation was conducted against me in December of 2011.


It indicated the instigation was really conducted by the police, spy and attorney, which also meant that they conducted an illegal sting operation against me. This fact let me recognize that there had been more instigations run by the CIA, Chinese and Japanese intelligences. Those events were totally connected each other and I was a subject of their antipersonnel operation.


This fact of the illegal operation was actually confirmed that there were other monitors during my visit to Okinawa at that time. This was a proof that the police and CIA had conducted many illegal operations to render their target harmless.