3-91 [Remote interrogation]: Ranking officer was compelled to conduct an operation

A leader should decide how to cooperate with the police in the smaller island. It can be individually determined, but any irregularity might be a subject of the criticism later on, therefore it is more likely that the police should ask influential figures to help.


On that day, the spy operation was conducted by the local people, who made a conversation directed by the mobile phone. That was one of the main approaches for the remote interrogation, though it was completely useless at that time as almost everybody had realized there was nothing to prosecute, including the majority of police officers.


The attorneys and FSA had already concluded their investigation, which was so public that I had even known. The police did not give up to render me harmless, but their option at that time was to create a false confession which the local people worked for.


They were actually compelled to make a conversation about the nasty subject just to drive me to the edge. I was accustomed to that kind of the conversation, though felt quite a pity of their conduct.


This emotion was delivered from my appearance and they became angry of what they had conversed with as a remote harassment. They eventually gave up their cooperation, and moreover, there was another person compelled to conduct this remote interrogation, which looked like a bureaucrat sent from the central government.


He did not have an atmosphere of the police career, but definitely from the central government as I was quite familiar with them. He was apparently told by the local people to do the same kind of the remote interrogation.


He made a conversation always watching a mobile phone, but any of them did not make sense. At the same time, his deed was out of his conscious that he was so suffered and shivered to continue his talk.


I had no idea what he was worried about; maybe he did not like what he was compelled to talk, maybe he was afraid of my gaze all the time or maybe he was so pressured to be watched by the local people around him.


After all, the authority has asked the people to conduct an operation they did not like to do, which has been still conducted but some of us are so suffered to cooperate with the police. The government should reconsider what they do to the people.