3-106 [Quiet but noisy]: Spy had a difficulty in conducting an operation without enough cooperation

The next day, the ferry assumed their service and I went to Kume island, one of the Okinawa islands, which was the biggest remote island within a reach of the main island.


There were not many travelers on the island as it was an off-season for the tourist. When I was in Amami islands, there were many visitors as it was around the start of the new year, though it was already over when I got to the Kume, meaning the calmest of the whole year.


There was no noise at my hotel, as there was no other guest staying at that place. It was impossible for the spy to irritate me from a plain sight, hence they gave up noising directly on the first day.


However, the sound actually came from the outside at later that day, which was the best alternative for them at that time.


I tried to figure out where it came from when opening the window, but I could not confirm it. It was basically difficult to specify where it came even from the adjacent room, but it was nearly impossible to identify the outside source. It looked like all of the building was a source of the noise.


Moreover, it was quite hard to confirm it was a result of the spy operation or not. It might be a normal noise in everyday life, as I was at least too sensitive for the noise due to the intelligence plot. All I could do was to keep myself, irrelevant to its original intention, which was the only way to survive through their torture.


The local people in that island realized there was an operation against me and treated me as such. The majority of them had known that the police and spy had illegally conducted the operation and they were basically reluctant to cooperation with the authorities.


There were many PIs sent to the island, whom I can figure out easily as there were not many tourists originally.


As a result of this situation, there was almost no gaslighting and my day became one of the calmest in those days, but still, there was a noise sent from the outside, which deprived my sleep.