3-102 [Left extremist]: Marxist spy was there to provoke me intentionally as a mission

There was an old guy staying at my hotel already when I arrived. He originally planned to stay there more but canceled the whole reservation to move to the new place the day after I arrived.


It was just one day I talked to him, but that night was so annoying that he had provoked me for a few hours. He definitely made me pissed off, but I tried to keep myself as I could not understand his intention at all.


I was asked by others why I was not pissed off and answered to them that the problem could not be solved even if I became emotional so that I just ignored their harassment.


As you can imagine, he was also sent for the operation intentionally, but he moved to another place as he realized that he could not go through his mission after failed to provoke me at the first night.


I cannot still clarify his motivation but he was definitely a left Marxist, considering what he said. He was highly likely a spy from the left extremist, but cannot deny a possibility of the private investigator, though some of the extremists worked as PIs, hence there was not a big difference.


His operation was not to monitor me but to conduct an operation against me. For example, when I went back to my room, there was a cat who rushing out to me as there was no other place to run, which clawed me deeply. That was one of the steps to irritate me more, therefore this setup was likely conducted by him as well.


Furthermore, he could not have moved to a new place, if he had been sent just to watch me, as the field operative usually did not have a choice like that. It implied that his original intention was more than just monitoring and he was not a member of the large organization.


When he worked at a small cell of the left extremist, he also had a right to determine how to run the operation, which could not have occurred at the police or intelligence agency. If he worked as an asset of the police intelligence at that time, he must have followed the police order, which was not the case for that time.


As a result, he was not an intelligence asset, not a member of the Communist party, but a member of the left extremist. I could not confirm he was from which sect, but he was given an intel where I was going to stay, which was why he was there before I arrived.


That intel was highly likely provided by the police, implying that his cell had collaborated with the police for many years, but he was not an asset, but a pure extremist. As said, there were many sympathizers to the left extremist in the police organization who have supported their sabotage for decades. This old guy was one of the outcomes for their teaming up.