3-96 [Ops in Yanaguni island]: There were limited number of tourists including operatives

There is no direct flight from the Okinawa main island to Yonaguni, my destination for this time, hence it was necessary to transit at Ishigaki island, though I just stopped over there when coming back, not at the time going toward.


I was actually told to go to one of the bars by the spy I met in Yonaguni so that they should have prepared something out there. I had no idea what it was as I did not go to the bar, but he called me on that night to go that place when I was in Ishigaki.


I realized already that he was weird even though not knowing he was an intelligence officer. He was not trustworthy and I had decided not to follow his word at all.


Looking back from now, I might have got something insightful when going to that place at that time. I did not fall into the spy’s hand as I could not buy their weird invitation easily, though that was why I did not realize there were many spies around me as I had no idea how active the intelligence agencies were.


It became already November of 2011 when I arrived Yonaguni, a start of the off-season for tourists. There were not many travelers in that island due to the seasonality and due to the fact that it is quite hard to visit there as necessitated to transit a flight many times.


It also meant that there were a limited number of restaurants to eat, hence I could have seen almost all of the tourists in a few days. I pretty much remembered there were several weird individuals, who were spies sent to watch me that I eventually realized later on.