3-84 [Noise as usual]: Noise became apparently created by the police operation

When I checked in a hotel in Amami Oshima island, the noise came from the upstairs as usual, which was continued relatively in a loud volume hence I went upstairs to confront them directly.


There used to be no one coming out of the room when I stayed in Tokyo or anywhere else, but this time was different. It looked like absolutely a police officer that stayed in that room, to deny making any noise even though I continuously asked him to stop it.


Just in case, the noise has not been halted for several years, hearing a loud noise from the upstairs. I gave up asking them to stop it anymore, but sometimes still confront them when it becomes too irregular. At one time, he replied to my request that he was pretending to clean up the room.


You can deceive others more easily when adding up a truth into the lie. Therefore, a professional con man employs a truth quite well to swindle their targets. However, it is not easy to use a word properly, hence your true purpose can be identified with the right questions.


This noise can be diminished when listening to the music all day long from the earphone, which is another reason why I did not confront with a con man, not often anymore. Especially after buying a CD for sleeping, I can take a sleep at least, even though there are a few days I can sleep well in a year, which is tremendously improved as I could not sleep in those days, which caused a mental stress.


In any way, I did not take an enough rest in those days with a loud noise, which should be categorized as a torture conducted by the Japanese police department in Japan.


It is nearly impossible for the hotel to decline a demand from the police where I should stay for their monitor, which might not violate human rights yet, but the additional noise is a torture or illegal eavesdropping is an abuse of their authority.


Japanese constitution clearly defines any torture is prohibited that the police cannot abuse their authority in any circumstances. However, there is no definition of the torture in the criminal and police law, which is just categorized as a battery. This is a problem of the lack of legislative action.


Almost all of the hotel have cooperated with the police conduct, some of which realized that there was a possibility of the torture or other types of illegal activities. However, I was assumed to be a criminal, and moreover, they could not decline the police order as they were likely to get a huge repercussion later on if not cooperating. In the end, the whole police conduct has been illegal and there was no way that their deed could be acceptable to the general public.