3-94 [Yakuza’s show-up]: Yakuza sat next to me, which could create a fake intel that I was related

I went to a bar in Okinawa run by an old lady. In the main island, there were a bunch of small bars run by a couple of people, which was quite unique there but I had had no experience of this kind. I had determined to go one of them, but all the bar closed a front door, hence I had no idea how to choose.


There was one bar that the old lady sat outside to bring in. After sound consideration, I thought it might be a good try to get into that place as the first shot.


Looking back from now, it was an inducement of the police to get into that shop. They could have conducted any operations even if I had chosen another bar, but it was their easy pick at that time.


There was no customer but me, though one of the Yakuza came to the bar an hour later. He sat next to me showing his tattoo all over, but I just ignore his existence.


That itself was a wrong expression, but I needed to be more concerned of his show-up. He actually paid about a few hundred dollars even though just one shot of beer, which was apparently not normal.


I could not confirm what it was, but it was one of the frames that I was related to the underground community, as it was a nature of the sting operation held in coming December. The Japanese police definitely needed a confirmation that I was involved in the illegal activity to continue their illegal surveillance against me.


The Japanese police intelligence was capable enough to run a covert sting operation, but necessary to buy a trust from the investigative division and attorney prosecutors, not just to monitor me officially but also to arrest me. It was necessary to create a false intel for that matter, which was the most appropriate reason why the police intelligence sent this Yakuza near to me.


The Chinese intelligence did not require this kind of complicated intel to render me harmless, but the Japanese career police bureaucrats needed an excuse once the whole problem was revealed. There were many underground criminals availed for the police operation until then, which was another aspect of the issue of Japanese police intelligence.