3-117 [Irregular emotion]: My emotion became hard to be contained, due to the electromagnetic wave though unnoticed still

The electromagnetic wave operation was enforced after I went to the Miyako island, though I did not know its existence in those days. Just looking back from now, there were more symptoms caused by the wave than before.


It was partially because the operation started to be controlled more by the CIA. It had been the police and private investigators to run a field operation, though it was changed to the intelligence officers and their assets from the foreign countries. The young PIs were sent back home by the police and the intelligence officer can conduct an electromagnetic operation more unnoticeably than before.


I had been tortured and intimidated for more than a year until reaching to the Miyako, which was designed for me to accept a false crime with a false confession. I experienced my thought was read quite often during this time, though I had no idea how they conducted it.


I had assumed there was a skillset to construe what the subject thought in the mind and some of the spies could have had this capability. However, it became impossible in the Miyako island that they exactly knew what I thought just in my head, not telling anyone. They suddenly mentioned those thoughts, pretended as an accidental encounter as one of the gaslighting. I had no idea what was going on and started to be confused.


My emotion also became abnormal from here that I was pissed off with a trivial matter and was suddenly excited sexually without any reasons. I realized my emotion was totally broken though I had no idea how to contain the explosion.


I started to spend more time for dozing as well. I did not understand what was happening at that time, but it was a twilight learning that they tried to create a new memory during the doze, which was actually felt as a real experience. I needed to confirm its event all the time, as it was felt like a truth, and confirmed not eventually as there was a flaw at the causal relation.


I did not understand why it happened, but this incident itself was so horrifying that I tried to confirm my memory thoroughly to screen out those irregular creations.


This was a story in January of 2013 at the same time when the school shooting increased tremendously in the US, implying the CIA and other spies started to use an electromagnetic wave more opaquely. It also implied that they were also driven to the edge, and then tried to show how capable they were to protect their organization. Their show-off included an operation against me.


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