3-118 [Yaeyama islands]: I moved to the new islands, but still surrounded by the spy

I moved to the Yaeyama islands after spending a few weeks in the Miyako and decided the Ishigaki as a base, which was the most populated island in the area. The Yaeyama was a south end of the Nansei islands, indicating that I went through from the north to the south.


It was still a winter but the temperature was higher than the most of Japan, hence it was easier to live, but my situation was not changed at all in this island. The gaslighting was conducted always, which was done by the tourists as they could not mobilize the local people.


I saw many foreign spies, and actually, the police also sent many officers to the island as well. Eventually, they could not hide anymore that there was a joint operation of the intelligence community at least against me.


The Yaeyama was also unfitting for them to conduct a covert operation. The Ishigaki was big enough, but there were several smaller islands where they could not conduct an operation on their own as it became too apparent due to the off-season for the tourist, and at the same time, the ferry was limited that they could not hide out from me if 100% confirmed.


As a result, they should ask a support of the local people, but many of them were so reluctant to cooperate with the illegal police operation that they intentionally told me there was something wrong going on. Moreover, almost all of the local residents knew there was an illegal operation of the police intelligence and CIA targeting me.


On the other hand, I did not see a police officer in some islands. There were several islands that no officer stationed originally, hence there was no base for their operation at all. That was why they should ask a help for the local community as the only alternative, which was why it was nearly impossible for them to run a covert mission.


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