3-152 [Spies confessed their crimes]: They admitted illegal operations including assassinations, though hard to prove

I came to assume an advantageous position against the spies after my mental was back to normal again.


Some of them had definitely believed that I was driven to make a confession of the past crime when the truth drug was dosed. However, it would not happen as there was no crime I committed as a reality, and then, they were contrarily driven to two options; whether manipulating me to commit a crime or compelling me to make a false confession.


They had been conducting those operations for days, but I had stood their manipulation and intimidation, and in the end, they loosened up their electromagnetic mission.


That was why I was capable of going out of the room again, though it might be because they would like to stage a traffic accident. In any way, I had been still interrogated by the CIA and Japanese police intelligence, 24 hours a day, that they had continuously accessed to my brain directly. As a result, I became able to interrogate them inversely, as their brains were also connected to the system.


I knew many of them and asked possible crimes assumed from their past behavior. It is apparent that they denied all of them, but I created their answer before they replied to it.


They absolutely contradicted my conclusion, but their logic was sometimes broken if they really committed a crime, which was capitalized to the next question. If I continued this process with an unbearable speed, some of them were eventually could not stand mentally to admit their crimes.


They were not doped a truth drug so that they could deny any of allegations. I could not compel a confession notionally, but they were confident somehow to confess their crimes as they had worked as the CIA asset or agent for a long time. They were eventually tired of denying their past crimes, but contrarily, they took a stance there was nothing wrong at their illegal conducts.


I actually asked many issues which I had been wondered for some time, especially since realizing this electromagnetic capability, which included a question who went to Italy or Guam.


I also asked about a possible insider case which I had doubted some of them actually conducted those sneakily in front of my eyes and they also ran a sting operation to frame me for these cases which I actually did not conduct. I eventually got to know why they became a CIA asset, and in the most of the cases, they worked for the CIA as they were confronted their past crimes.


As you can imagine, I cannot have a confirmation just by an electromagnetic conversation and I did not write down those here. What I wrote about were issues with proofs or facts that I encountered. Some of the truth was initiated from this electromagnetic wave operation, but there was no event just relied on this operation.


Having said that, there were many crimes found during the course, which should have been investigated by the judicial authorities in Japan, the US and anywhere else. At least, the US investigation will be available to the public in the future, which should uncover there were many political operations conducted all over the world.