3-170 [Police corruption was a trigger]: The whole orchestration was only executable when the ranking officers were involved

The gaslighting was also conducted by the police officer, though it was not quite often that they ran an operation by their own. Some of them looked so depressed as they did not want to conduct the illegal operation they just had done, but there were also others willingly to execute an intimidation and harassment.


Those police officers looked like a criminal with ill-minded, even though they looked like a police. The police basically understood my capability to tell the perpetrator as they used its information, hence some of them tried completely to avoid me, not looking at me in the eyes.


It was safer to them as it did not trigger an internal investigation. There was no problem even though I noticed the operative, but it became problematic if noticing a clue of the crime.


The corrupted police officer looked quite unique as they still looked like a policeman to try to behave in the right way, but at the same time, they had a face of the criminal. It was an intriguing opportunity to know the reality of this world and I had watched them directly for a long time.


For example, I saw many officers when I practiced a golf in driving ranges anywhere in Hokkaido. There was a group of people who had laughed at and detested me for an hour, who were police officers and they did not hide their identities as it was easily recognized from their conversation.


It basically meant that they happily came to intimidate me, while it also implied that they had a problem fundamentally as a group. If that was the case, it was highly likely a crime of false accounting to pool their cash from the fraudulent spending. That was why they were not bothered by the owner of this range, as they were quite good customers to behave as they wanted, even to show a direct intimidation apparent to others around me.


I could analyze and reassess their state from their behaviors and words so that I could find something critical sometimes after spending to observe the attackers.


The police played a part of the gaslighting from the whole orchestration, but they had also definitely involved in the operation to cause a traffic accident. The only I could confirm was the local private investigators who directly conducted operations, but the police was definitely always presented in the scene.


However, it was quite hard to confirm as it was only possible that they conducted an operation with the uniform. Even if they looked like a police officer, it was hard to confirm just by the glance.


Having said that, I was often drugged, which was only available under the police involvement. I had been drugged occasionally for a long time, which was also done by the Chinese intelligence and CIA, but it was basically impossible to use this methodology in Japan when I was fully monitored by all the party.


It had never been permitted in Japan, but the police were so corrupted to conduct illegal operations, which was only possible when the ranking officers were involved in the corruption.