3-126 [Weird feeling]: I forcibly woke myself up to experience a kinky sexual dream

I had strange dreams every morning in those days to have a sexual desire to a small girl, which was so spooky for me to wake myself up forcibly during its state.


I thought it was a result of the dream at first, but it continued day after day, and eventually I concluded there was a methodology to fall me into this state. At the same time, I also felt I was awake during it occurred, which was more like a morning doze to experience a delusion.


There were many possibilities I came up with, one of which was a whisper from an outside of the room. It was actually probable that I did not stay at the hotel with a large wall to seclude a noise from another room, and actually I was blackmailed in that way as a gaslighting. Therefore, I originally assumed this strange dream and emotion was created by the whisper from the outside.


However, I had no sense physically listening to the voice through the ears. Then, I thought about another possibility that the spy sent a voice by the directional speaker just to the limited area around me. If that was the case, the voice should have come from another hotel to disguise its true identity.


I was stick to the voice in any way, as I had a sense that I was pulled back to the dream intentionally by someone, though I could not conclude how it was executed and how to stop it. I had spent a morning doze like this for several days which was halted by waking up forcibly.


This was a twilight learning that the spy tried to create a new sexual preference of mine, which I had also experienced the same operation intensively previously that I had a weird emotion just in the morning doze.


When I was exposed to the new sense, I came to believe that it was real in my mind as I felt it every morning. Having said that, it was a temporary phenomenon, looking back from now.


All in all, I tried to avoid an intelligence manipulation, but I could not have got away totally. I still have some of the memories which were not experienced but felt as a real, indicating the spy could easily manipulate a subject if not realizing there was a spy operation.


Back in those days of early 2013, I had not known an existence of the electromagnetic wave manipulation but just realized there was something unknown was going on.