3-168 [Realization of the past operation]: Spy had conducted many electromagnetic operations against me for decades

I got to know an existence of the electromagnetic wave manipulation after coming to Hokkaido, and at the same time, they started to conduct an electromagnetic operation opaquely against me. Furthermore, I also realized that I have a subject of this operation for a long time.


They escalated their operation as I knew what it was, though I found out many traces of the intelligence operation in the past, some of which had availed the wave.


I had pathological symptoms from the unknown cause in the long past as well, which was actually created by the wave and also I realized that my action was affected by the manipulator at quite some time.


I could manage to avoid a manipulation to commit a crime, but my behavior was more affected at the subject without a legal concern as they did not need to crack my legal mind which I acquired through my law degree and master of law. Furthermore, my important decisions of my life were highly maneuvered by the wave, which I had thought I should have decided purely by myself.


I came to realize that my weird emotion and sexual stimulation were created by the wave and also my aggression and rage were also extremely enhanced by the radiowave. My analytical study started later on, but I had already understood how dangerous this electromagnetic wave manipulation has been to the mankind until then.


The whole issue was revealed when I heard a voice directly to the brain from the outside. There were voices recognizable and unrecognizable, the latter of which was hard to tell from the inner voice. I have been talking to them since this operation was conducted opaquely, which has not been a result of the hallucination, but a technology to deliver the thought directly to the brain.


This operation has been conducted by the CIA and Japanese police intelligence as a joint operation, though I can only identify the CIA assets and operatives, as I did not know many police officers from the past. As a result, I sometimes did not realize an existence of the police, but it was just that I could not realize who was a police officer among the electromagnetic operatives.


They also conducted many other physical operations but the wave, which was apparently out of the CIA capability in Japan, indicating that the police was one of the main perpetrators at this operation against me.


I was set up for many traffic accidents in Hokkaido, some of which were availed the electromagnetic wave at the same time to control my body while driving. They often used drugs including the truth drug, which was apparently unacceptable even as an intelligence mission by the police.


I had no reason why it was permitted in Japan, but moreover, I have no idea why they still have continued it.