39 [The pain in my heart by the radiowave]: The heart manipulation is occasionally lethal

The brain is not the only part of the body affected by the electromagnetic wave. Theoretically, every cell can be controlled if it generates a frequency during its function. The heart is apparently one of them, which can be disordered by the radiowave manipulation.


There are cells at the top of the heart which controls its motion. They command the cardiac stroke through the ionic exchange to increase or decrease the chemical substances. The electromagnetic wave is irradiated at the time when the chemical is exchanged, which is quite similar to the brain activity in terms of those generations.


If there is a difference, the brain is more complicated and filled with numerous cells to irradiate frequencies, while the heart just has hundreds of cells to generate the electricity. Your heartbeat can be maneuvered when these cells are controlled externally. It looks like the perfect remote control is hard to assume, i.e. unable to stop the cardiac movement, as it is mainly controlled by the autonomic nerve in the brain, not just by the cells at the top of the heart. However, you should severely suffer from the symptom of the cardiac disease, even though your heart is affected partially by the wave.


The cardiac symptom is dependent on the individuality, the same as other electromagnetic manipulation. You might be strong enough just to suffer from the irregular pulse with too much pain that you cannot do anything. On the other hand, some of the subjects have passed away from its irradiation.


This distinction is a result of the individuality, but it is still unsure what defines an individual difference. It might depend on the original cardiac strength or the sensitivity to the certain frequency pattern. There is also an issue of aging that it should be more lethal as you grow older.


There are two types of the pains, the change of heartbeat and the squeezing. If squeezing is escalated by the electromagnetic wave, the symptom is more like a cardiac infarction. If aggravated further, it becomes a heart attack, nearer to the death. If weakening a little, the symptom is more like angina. These diseases can be triggered by the radiowave, but the outcome is not perfectly controlled, depending on the individuality. On the other hand, the change of heartbeat is not lethal, but it creates a panic with your anxiety are enhanced simultaneously.


It has been already proved that the heart is affected by the electromagnetic wave; it is not a discussing point. You can just argue the possibility that the long wave is effective, as the ultra-long wave is the one proved to affect the cardiac movement. Or you might argue how influential the electrical power is along with the specific frequency pattern.


The heart is not the only visceral organs controlled by the radiowave, while each organ should have their own unique pattern of frequencies. If not, the heart behavior is affected by the stomach. The human body is dielectric so that the electric irradiation of each body part might affect others if sharing the same frequency pattern. That is why each pattern is necessarily different to avoid the malfunction.


However, the heart is special within all organs, as it is more vital, whose dysfunction is more critical to any animals. The electromagnetic wave can affect its function, even to cease its movement, which is more dangerous than any other controls.


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