27-2 [Fight or flight by the radiowave]: the brainwave control can create the murderer

When your aggression is intensified by the brainwave control, you feel angry to attack someone. There is a specific frequency pattern to enhance your aggression, which is a quite dangerous brain manipulation. If you feel extremely aggressive, you would like to attack others without any reason. If you have a strong hold of the frontal lobe and cerebral cortex, you can contain the aggressive action regardless of its feeling.


The strengthened emotion is basically indiscriminate without any objects, though it might be evolved to the hostility to the specific person with other manipulations, which is actually harder to be contained. When the electromagnetic wave is irradiated to you to enhance the aggression, the manipulator directs this feeling to the specific person or issue, which creates the specific hostility harder to be contained, ended up with the brutal action.


The best way to avoid this kind of conflict is to walk away.


If you are not good at controlling your emotion, you actually attack someone under this mixed manipulation, more easily. Then, you are likely to stop your aggressive action when the emotive stress is released enough. After continuing this process for several times, you need more time to remove the stress off, which is known as an escalation.


The psychopath is evolved through the same process to murder someone in the end. There are people who feel an aggression extremely more than average and who cannot control their behavior by the frontal lobe. Amongst them, there are a little number of people who believes the aggression is a necessary part of their lives, which should be expressed as a brutal action.


This escalation is naturally evolved, but the electromagnetic wave can recreate this process wirelessly in your brain as a manipulation. It is a reinforcement of the aggression, which is mixed up with the dysfunction of the frontal lobe, eventually to manipulate your brutal action is positive to be done. This can be started from killing a cat, but eventually escalated to the murder, as the emotive stress becomes harder to be released. This process can be manipulated by the electromagnetic wave.


This manipulative murder can be categorized as two cases in terms of the target, killing discriminately or the specific person. The discriminative murder occurs under the control of aggression created in the cerebellum, while the frontal lobe and cerebral cortex lose almost all of their accommodative function. It also means it is quite rare to reach that level even with the brainwave control. However, if the target of its aggression is the society, it might trigger a massacre against the community.


On the other hand, the specific person should be recognized as a target of the aggression to reach the murder. That perception might be established spontaneously or a result of the manipulation. If your knowledge and negative emotion is manipulated wirelessly by the radiowave, you feel hostile to the specific target.


This manipulation requires more than several months, but not always complicated. You can be manipulated without any electromagnetic wave irradiation, can be maneuvered by the old school physical procedures. It means this manipulation can be achieved to kill the specific target, by the simple radiowave control with a thoroughly prepared plot.