33 [Fatigue by the radiowave] you can be tired just in the brain

The fatigue is felt in the whole body but still recognized in the brain. If your brain is out of the function to feel any emotions, you cannot feel a fatigue, however tired you are. For example, when the adrenalin is extremely secreted in the brain, your pain is perceived as a minor, which holds true to the fatigue that you cannot feel it when too much excited.


This fatigue can be caused just in the brain. For instance, you feel tired when you are lack of sleep, partially due to the insufficient metabolism, though more because your brain also requires some rest. That means the fatigue is generated in the whole body and at the same time, just in the brain.


This feeling can be triggered by the electromagnetic wave irradiation, which is felt in the cerebral cortex between the vertex and forehead. The radiowave can stimulate the pain or heaviness, which is felt as the fatigue. Actually, the slight pain is always felt simultaneously when the fatigue is manipulated by the electromagnetic wave, which is distinctive to the normal fatigue. This pain is caused by the suppression of the blood vessel in that area, which means its suppression or insufficient blood is a cause of the heaviness.


This area is also known to the motor area of the cerebral cortex. The radiowave itself is irradiated to the whole brain, though the specific frequency pattern is just effective to its area and function. It creates a fatigue, which deprives your motivation to do anything.


In the normal case, the rest is the best cure for its symptom. You just take a sleep or rest yourself, which recovers your body eventually. However, your tiredness is not gone even if you take a rest when you are affected by the wave. If your fatigue is just felt in the brain under the electromagnetic manipulation, you cannot recover unless its irradiation is lifted.


When you have suffered from a fatigue in the whole body or just in the brain for some time, you should be diagnosed with the depression. However, the depression is an extension of the negative feeling, which is completely different from the fatigue, even when they are not created by the radiowave. The prolonged fatigue might cause the depression in the end, but they are a different irregularity in the brain. The fatigue is an independent straightforward emotion, while the depression is a complicated feeling mixed up with several emotions and thoughts.


It is necessary to be separated out even though the outcome looks similar to lose motivation for the daily life as their causes are different, their brain areas are different and their cures should be different as well.


The fatigue is highly likely caused by the simple frequency pattern, which means it is more easily created by the radiowave control, though its influence is too critical for you to do anything with a heavy head. It is not curable just by the rest if it is triggered by the electromagnetic wave. You might hold yourself under the painful fatigue for some time, though you cannot stand for a long time. It is a simple emotion, but a predatory to your life.