32 [Shivering by the radiowave] even manipulated shivering deters you from doing anything

The electromagnetic wave can make you feel chilly all over your body. It might be a result of the pain intensification, though it is a chillness strengthened in the brain and felt in the whole body.


It is not just an intensification as it is sensed even if it is not cold. When the sweat grads are open widely to the air, you feel chillier so that this mechanism might be controlled by the radiowave. However, you feel paralyzed at the same time with a chill, which implies there is another essential reason than the grads.


When you feel a chill, your muscle is contracted. Its contraction is controlled by the autonomic neuron in the brainstem. Conversely saying, if your muscle is contracted in the same way with a chillness by the electromagnetic wave, you might feel a chill as a result of misperception.


The same kind of phenomena actually occurs quite often to the human being. When you force a smile, your emotion can be shifted toward the positive and you feel a pleasure. It is not because you are happy, but your facial muscle moves in the same way as you feel a happiness. The muscle movement and position is linked to the corresponding emotion in the brain, which is why you can change your emotion, just by forcing a smile.


This fictitious causality is also seen for other phenomena, which can be reproduced by the radiowave manipulation. It is not a simple frequency control, but the muscle is maneuvered by the wave even to force a smile. As a result, your feeling is slightly tilted to the positive. In this case, it is simpler to control the positive emotion than the muscle movement, hence the emotive manipulation should be preferred, though the muscle manipulation also changes your mind.


When the radiowave makes you feel chilly, your muscle is contracted, which also makes you feel a fatigue. That state restricts your behavior and motivation to do anything. You just feel throwing up everything or want to postpone it until you feel better. Adding to this, the chillness is also felt at the time you feel a fear, which also deters you from doing anything. If this feeling is extended to the long term, you might suffer from the depression.


This manipulation should be caused by the ultra-long wave, if the brainstem is directly controlled, which is basically the same as other brainwave controls. On the other hand, the muscle contraction might be triggered by the low frequency wave, as this phenomenon is quite akin to the low frequency vibrator. If that is the case, this machine is much easier to be built and still functional to restrict your action, even though its capability is limited.


In the normal world, when the technology is developed, the people commonly employ new complicated methodology, though the brainwave control might be its exception, as not all of criminals have the same advanced technology. Some of them still use the old machine and its procedure, which mainly manipulates the emotion with other simpler controls, such as muscle contraction, though it is enough restrictive for you not to spend the normal life.