22-2 [Brain control history]: your thought can be manipulated by the ultra-long wave irradiation

The more fundamental issue is what frequency affects the brain. If the long wave even affects the brain, the original machine was not that sizable and the smaller one might have the capability to cause a damage in the brain or organs. I am not sure about its influence of the long wave, but its possibility cannot be eliminated. It also depends on the electric power and directivity, so that the experiment should be executed under its control. This possibility can be tested, but I do not have a facility to confirm its capability.


At least, the ultra-long wave has an influence on the brain. The big difference at this point was an influence on the visceral organs. The brainwave was an original target, which had been researching for a long time even with wired, but the research was not well known that the electrode was attached to each organ. This implies the visceral influence was likely a byproduct of the wireless experiment, which was not targeted originally, but affected on the course of the brainwave research.


As a result, both brain and visceral influence are analyzed separately. This distinction is actually essential, as there is a possibility that the single frequency and simple pattern might be influential enough to affect the visceral organs or other body parts. On the other hand, the brain activity is likely more complicated than that. The straightforward emotion might be created by the simple pattern of frequencies, as there is no big difference to the other body parts in terms of the radiowave control. On the contrary, thinking or moving the body is not a result of the simple brain activity, hence it should require a more complicated pattern of frequencies.


These influences and controls can be tested by the wired connection, looking at the brainwave change on EEG. It is still hard digitally to identify the specific frequency to create the specific reaction on the brain, but its reaction can be judged by EEG and the subject’s perception.


In this experiment, the systematic feedback structure is not necessary and it can be a one-way from a sender to a receiver by the electromagnetic wave. The verbal communication should be a medium of the feedback from the subject to the operator. On the other hand, if the brainwave control is in practice, its influence is hard to be known for the operator when there is no feedback from the subject.


It is necessary to solve this issue and the wiretapping should be used initially to get its feedback. This feedback is not perfect, but enough to understand how effective the electromagnetic wave is to the subject and its feedback capacitates the frequency adjustment accordingly.


This transmitting technology is developed to send a thought to the subject nowadays, though the digital thought is still at its initial stage, still dominated by the analog transmission. It means the digitally scripted word is yet hard to be sent. The thought on the operator’s brain is extracted as a brainwave through wired connection, which is sent wirelessly to the subject whose brain is synchronized to the external brainwave to think in the same way.


As said, this synchronization is beyond just more than thinking, but also moving the body in the same manner, such as raising a hand. It also means the subject’s mouth and throat are synchronized to the sender’s, i.e. to control a speaking. I have a specific accent with mixed dialects, hence it is more noticeable that my speaking is under control, but if not, it is quite hard to differentiate between mine and manipulation.


The body move is also controlled, though there is a small window for my command not to be subdued. However, if it is not realized the fact that the body is controlled by the radiowave, the behavior is more easily manipulated, because it is felt totally mine. On the other hand, even if it is noticed, the strong electromagnetic wave can overwhelm my command, totally losing the control of my body.