40 [Organs damaged by the radiowave]: The visceral damage can be escalated into a permanent

The heart is a critical organ to live, which is constrained by the electromagnetic wave to create a matter of life or death, though it does not mean the other organs are fine to be affected. You feel a pain in the stomach and bowels by an irradiation of the certain frequency pattern, which stimulates your pain sensation, though it is actually more than that. The pain is triggered by the physiological change, which might be escalated to the disease. It depends on the individuality whether it stays at the temporary symptom or the disease to be hospitalized.


The distinctive individuality is partially a result of the sensitivity difference against the certain frequency pattern, which is also created by the strength difference of each visceral organ against the stimulus. Although, it is painful even if it is a temporal symptom.


This organ is unbearably aching, but once you can identify that it is affected temporarily by the radiowave irradiation, you can stand for a little while, especially when these are common organs for the pain, such as the stomach or heart. If not, you feel anxious that it might be more than just a temporary pain, which has more influence on your health than the actual pain.


When you have a pain on other unnoticeable organs, it is harder to identify where the twinge comes from, which makes you more nervous even though you realize you are affected electromagnetically. Once you can identify the source, you need to think whether it can be escalated to the permanent or not. However, you just feel an abdominal pain without noticing the source, it is quite anxious. You just need to wait until it goes either way, a cessation or permanent. If you are affected by the radiowave, it is also common to feel the pain all over the body every day, hence you cannot go to hospital from the temporal pain, however unknown it is.


I have an experience of the hospitalization from pancreatitis, which is nothing more than the stomach pain. However, this symptom is critical as its ulcer might be escalated to a tumor, which can be cancer. This is not the case for other organs, but pancreatic cancer can be caused by the electromagnetic wave irradiation.


This outcome depends on the individuality. When the pancreatic juice is released irregularly to hurt and ache the pancreas by the radiowave manipulation, you might just feel the unbearable pain, which might be escalated to the ulcer and also evolved to the tumor that might be diagnosed as cancer. The whole depends on your individuality, but the original symptom can be generated by the electromagnetic wave.


This is also lethal to the human being. There are three fatal possibilities, heart failure, cerebral infarction and pancreas cancer, which can be caused by the radiowave manipulation. Actually, there were many people died from these diseases generated by the wave.