42 [Ocular malfunction caused by the radiowave]: the eyes suffer from several symptoms by the electromagnetic wave

Your eyes can be tortured by the electromagnetic wave. The eyeball basically aches, but sometimes it is dried to cause a pain. You can feel itchy in the eye due to the manipulation, though it is not necessarily caused by the influence on the eyeball.


In any way, these symptoms are created by radiowave irradiations with distinctive frequency patterns. The eyes function originally to receive the light which is converted to the electric signal. The brain can recognize the converted signal, not the light itself. The visual sensation is intrinsically created by the electricity, hence they might be sensitive to the frequency next to the brain.


There are several eye pains triggered electromagnetically. The harshest one is felt like stabbed, whose pain penetrates the brain from the eyeball. It can be classified as a headache, but it is generated in the eye. Our daily life is highly dependent on the ocular function, hence you cannot spend a normal day if you have suffered from the unbearable eye pain accompanied with a headache.


The pain assaults you all of a sudden, though it starts to hurt from the night to keep the unbearable twinge in the next whole day. It might be a symptom escalated with several hours, though I assume it is more like a result of the kinky taste of its manipulator. On the other hand, it won’t stop suddenly as well. Your eyeball has suffered from the permanent damage, which takes a little while to be cured. If that is the case, the electromagnetic wave rather destroys some cells on your eye than creating just the pain.


Although, there is another possibility that it should be a dry eye, not a result of eye cells subversion. The dry eye also triggers a pain, hence its massive twinge might be its extension.


This dryness can occur with a pain by the radiowave control. It is still unsure how it is manipulated, maybe driven by a control over the secretion of tears or due to the wider opened eye to be exposed more to the air. Although, it is sure that the dryness exacerbates your eye condition.


As discussed, the electromagnetic wave can affect your eyes in several ways. The most of visceral organs are influenced at a single dimension, which is a contrast to the fact that the eyes are suffered in multiple ways. This eye pain is also escalated into the disease, not just a temporal twinge. Its outcome depends on the individuality, where some should recover from the pain soon after the irradiation halts and other should suffer from the serious illness. If you have already suffered from the ocular disease, it should be exacerbated by the electromagnetic manipulation.


For example, you have suffered from a cataract, it should be exacerbated by the wave. This is critical as almost all of us should suffer from this disease when growing old, which can be accelerated by the radiowave irradiation. This is not lethal, but the symptom is too influential to live a normal life. This exacerbation can be applicable to any ocular diseases, whose symptom is intensified as well.


You also feel itchy in the eye by this manipulation, though it is highly unlikely a result of the eyeball irregularity, but more like an outcome of the brain misperception. Your brain just feels itchy there, as the wave disturbs your pain center. Although, there is a possibility some chemical substances are released around the eye and also another possibility that all change just occurs inside your brain. It is still hard to tell at this time moment.


When you scrub your eyes due to their itch, you create the allergic reaction, which exacerbates the symptom. Furthermore, you might have sty in your eyelid when the mycosis enters due to scrubbing. If that is the case, it takes several days to be cured with an ointment. This sty can be generated when your eyes are dried by the electromagnetic wave to cause scrubbing. This disease is not a direct result of the radiowave, but it can be created as the secondary outcome, which might be unique to the eyes.