25 [A headache by the radiowave]: the simple but troublesome symptom caused by the electromagnetic wave

The electromagnetic wave affects the brain and body wirelessly as discussed, and then, the next issue is how effective it is to manipulate the subject. Its capability is beyond your expectation, therefore the CIA or other intelligence agencies employs its technology for their operations, which is taken place everywhere in the world, including the US.


A headache can be triggered by the radiowave, which is one of the most simple and troublesome brainwave control. It is exactly the same as a spontaneous one and nearly impossible to tell. The ache is ranged from slight to heavy enough not to live normally. Although, the slight headache is still problematic if triggered by the radiowave. This kind of symptom can usually be cured when taking a rest, while it is not the case for the brainwave manipulation. There is no recovery from the rest. Its ache can be continued as far as the operator keeps its irradiation, and then the subject cannot live a normal life.


I am having this symptom for years, but never suffered from a migraine, which implies they cannot cause it wirelessly by the radiowave yet. I have been experiencing this brainwave control for thousands of hours so that I am more or less convinced they have no capability to cause a migraine.


The ache is often felt at the whole head. In that case, it is felt more like a heavy head, rather than the ache, though it is sometimes elevated to a heavy headache. On the other hand, the local brain pain also can be triggered. It is a pain similar to be pricked by the needle. There are several ways of pains, but all of them are not elucidated yet.


The brain does not feel the pain, intrinsically, because there is no nerve inside the brain itself. However, there is a blood vessel along with the nerve, which is why the human being can feel a headache.


This fact indicates that the radiowave wirelessly causes a brain damage which also affects the blood vessel, or it affects the change of blood flow to hurt the brain and its blood vessel. The most likely outcome is that the wave forms a stress in the brain, which creates a blood clot to cause the pain.


If it is exacerbated, the subject is suffered from the stroke or the cerebral hemorrhage. These symptoms are extensions of the simple clot caused by the wireless electromagnetic wave and even a brain tumor can be triggered. The difference of its influence depends on the individuality, such as the strength of the blood vessel or the degree of its synchronization of the brainwave by the wireless radiowave. This individuality concludes the outcome, ranging from a slight headache to the death by the brain disease.