28 [Depression by the radiowave]: the depression is a complicated mind state, requiring multiple manipulations

The electromagnetic wave can cause you a depression, though its effectiveness depends on your individuality. You might be depressed easily when having suffered from the heavy minded for a little while, or you might need a more concrete reason to be. In the most of the cases, the radiowave can make you depressed, though it requires more manipulation to cause you a depression in the end.


One of the issue here is what is defined to be the depression. There are several primary emotions, such as fatigue, fear and negative. They are independent feelings, while the sadness or suicidal emotion consist of several feelings and thoughts, more complicated in nature. If the depression is recognized as the heavy minded, several primary feelings are identified as such, which more easily created by the simple electromagnetic and chemical change.


The depression should be recognized as a complicated feeling, not as a linear emotion. That feeling starts from the negativity, which is mixed up with other emotions and thoughts. As a result, its symptom is also complicated, troubled with several abnormal behaviors.


This negative feeling can be recreated by the electromagnetic wave externally. You should perceive the given information as negative under this radiowave irradiation. This emotion is quite similar to the instinct, which is why you have a negative view on the provided information. In this sense, this emotion should be generated within the cerebral cortex and frontal lobe rather than the amygdala.


On the other hand, the emotional disorder is located in the amygdala or cerebellum. Its symptom is an extreme irregularity at the aggression and fear, though the same feeling might be triggered by an irregularity at the frontal lobe. Even though the emotion itself is normal or average, the symptom might occur when the reason cannot contain it. If that is the case, the problem is located in the frontal lobe. In this sense, the emotional disorder might appear during the depression, which is a result of the weakening frontal lobe function, not triggered by the cerebellum irregularity. This distinction is import to be realized.


The fatigue is also a primary emotion. It is sometimes categorized as the depression, but it is quite doubtful. Its emotion is felt in the area between the vertex and forehead. There is no distinction between the mental and physical fatigue in terms of the place, felt in this same brain address. If its feeling is aggravated extremely, you have lost any energy to do anything, which is quite similar to the depression. However, it is a result of the simple feeling and felt in the different place. The depression is more mental than physiological to dysfunction your brain, hence the fatigue can be felt at the same time, but the latter can be also triggered by other diseases.


The depression requires some thought to be materialized, which is why it is not physiological but mental. That also implies the simple brainwave control is not enough to cause it and the harassment or something more is required to trigger the depression. It is evolved to the paranoia which is featured with the distorted thought, hence another electromagnetic or physical manipulation is necessary on top of the existing maneuver.


The radiowave manipulation can recall the negative thought, which is one of the progressive brainwave control. Just in case, it is to recall the negative thought, not to trigger a negative feeling. It is more like recalling internally rather than receiving some thoughts externally and I wonder its irradiation might affect the mirror neuron. However, I cannot contain its recalling by way of controlling the function of mirror neurons, therefore I cannot conclude yet how it is generated in the brain.


When sending thought by the wave with controlling the negative emotion, you are more prone to be suffered from the depression. Although, it is not easy to send the thought, which requires more advanced technology, which means this device and technology is more secured by the governments.


There are more devices in the world to irradiate the simple pattern of the electromagnetic wave, which can cause the negative feeling but not enough to trigger the depression. One of the other options is to affect the visceral organs at the same time with the brain control. When you feel pains in the heart or stomach with the negative emotion, you feel melancholy. If another stress is added here, you might suffer from the depression.


All in all, the electromagnetic wave can control the primary emotion with the simple pattern. The depression is more complicated, which requires more manipulation, electromagnetically or physically. Having said that, the irregular primary feeling is dangerous enough to devastate your life.