24-2 [Brainwave controlling device]: the radar capacitates to snoop what you think wirelessly

The brain is read by the radar, not by the ultra-long wave which is employed to affect the brain wirelessly. This distinction indicates the device itself is much simpler for the brain reading, though it is necessary to crack the reflection of its radar modulated by the brainwave. Its difficulty is not at the hardware, but at how to separate the brainwave from the reflected wave.


Once separated, this extracted brainwave is readjusted to the operator’s brainwave pattern. There is a large possibility that the individuality prevails the wavelength, hence the subject’s brainwave should be readjusted along with the operator’s. This work is not complicated, but not simple as well.


This readjusted brainwave is irradiated to the operator who can read the subject’s brain in this way. The key is this readjustment, which is simple once it is cracked, though the individuality is not necessarily easy to be cracked. This readjusted wave can be sent through wired connection. In practice, the subject is not connected by the wire, though the operator can sit next to the machine to read the subject’s brainwave.


This final connection can be sent wirelessly by the radiowave as well. If that is the case, the operator should have a free hand for the location. Although, there is one issue how to send the information at a long distance. If sending through the wired line like a telephone line, the information is digitalized at first then reconverted to the analog wave. This methodology should work for the ordinary conversation by voice, as the slight modification of the frequency information is conceivable by the ear.


At this point, I am not sure this is the same to the electromagnetic wave for the brain. The deterioration of the brainwave might become unconceivable. If that is the case, it is necessary to secure the line by analog, which might require an adjustment of the wave, but the deterioration is not an issue. This methodology cannot be used by the private companies, but possible through the governmental wired connection.



The radar and its brainwave reading is much harder than sending information by the electromagnetic wave. It requires a fewer process to control the body movement than to read the brainwave. However, it is necessary to understand how the subject reacts to the radiowave, if the radar is not used. The alternative way is to be supplemented by monitoring or tapping, the old school spying tools. When sending the thought by the wave and making the subject speak by themselves, it is possible to judge whether the brain control works or not.


This mixed procedure is not the newest technology, but it is still in practice, as the radar is not widely used. In this process, the operator’s brainwave is necessary to be extracted, which is readjusted and sent to the subject. It might take some time to crack the subject’s individuality, though once done, it works permanently.


In this sense, it is much easier to send the simple pattern of the frequency. It also requires to crack the individuality, though its decoding is much simpler than sending a thought. Adding to this, this simple wave is enough to affect the brain and visceral organs, even with a disease. This operation just requires a transmitter, simpler than any others.


This technology goes toward the digital control in the future. They prefer to send the information with the digital script, which is more convenient if that is possible than sending the operator’s brainwave. Or, the emotion is more cracked in the future, which might be more affected by the digital control.


The technology can be evolved in a vicious way even from now. Therefore, we should admit the existence of this technology and we should restrict its usage.