38 [The manipulative sleepless]: The subject easily wakes up when noised at the REM sleep

You should suffer from the hyposomnia by the external manipulation, which even does not require the electromagnetic wave. Your sleep can be disturbed by the noise from the outside of your room. It can be created at the upstairs room or the next, which is not necessarily loud, but just noisy enough to irritate your nerve.


Having said that, the hyposomnia can be caused by the radiowave manipulation, though there is highly likely no frequency pattern to deprive your sleep. It is distinctive to a headache as it is caused by the several frequency patterns. One of the ways to cause the sleepless is to create the emotion or thought continuously on your mind for hampering the sleep.


For example, you cannot sleep when you are excited. This is the state that your sympathetic nervous system is dominant, which can be recreated by the electromagnetic wave. Or, the wave can make you think something continuously, whose state is basically the same as its dominance.


There is another simpler way, which starts from checking your brainwave. Nowadays, you can easily buy the device to monitor your brainwave. Some of the devices pick up your brainwave by the radar, the same mechanism with the brainwave reading, which can tell whether you are asleep or not.


Moreover, it also tells whether you are at the REM sleep (rapid eye movement) or at the non-REM. If you are at the REM, you can wake up with just a small noise. This maneuver does not require complicated devices, but just require the manpower to wake you up through the night.


The hyposomnia essentially creates the pain in your brain, which is a result of the stress at the same time with a blood clot restrains your blood flow in the brain. This pain can be exacerbated by the electromagnetic wave, which lowers your cognitive faculty. If you have been under this manipulation for days, your pain becomes persistent not to do anything but lying down on the bed.


If this control is extended, you are likely to suffer from the psychiatric disorder. The symptom depends on how it is escalated, more commonly to lose a control of your emotion easily, but sometimes your delusion might be aggrandized from the synaptic misconnection.


These maneuvers are simple and easily executed, but there is more manpower required, hence it is only possible run by the organization.


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