37 [Stunned by the radiowave]: Your brain might be shut down by the electromagnetic irradiation

You can be stunned by the electromagnetic wave irradiation, although I have not passed out yet. The outcome depends on the individuality and the brain characteristics, hence it depends on your sensitivity to its specific frequency whether you might be faint or more than that.


The slightest symptom from its irradiation is a drowsiness, which is more like hard to be awake rather than being sleepy. You feel a paralysis and ache in the brain at the same time, which is unique to the brainwave manipulation. A headache is similar to the one with the memory disorder, characterized with the total malfunction of the brain, though you feel rather hard to be awake than hard to think anything in this case.


The slightest symptom is still better than serious, apparently preferred to losing consciousness. However, your headache and drowsiness are nonetheless too unbearable. You can stand it for a while, though there is no choice other than sleeping eventually. It is driven by the radiowave irradiation, hence it does not choose the time and location. It happens while you drive a car or even walk. It is unimaginable that you feel drowsy while riding a bicycle as the exercise wakes you up. However, it occurs under that condition and you have no choice to stand still until the irradiation halts.


You cannot do anything under this manipulation. You just stumble nearly to be fallen down or crouch down at its spot doing nothing. An accompanying headache is too severe, which is felt in the area between the vertex and forehead. It is the same place where you feel a fatigue; surely the feeling is actually similar of its exacerbation but the drowsiness is a completely new feature.


When you are drunk, this symptom is deteriorated. I have experienced several times, but I was not able to do anything, just crouching down with the dizziness and respiratory difficulty. I am pretty much sure this was a result of the electromagnetic control, as I was tortured by the intelligence organizations concurrently.


My symptom has been only exacerbated when taking an alcohol. A drowsy headache is a daily symptom to me for the last few years from the radiowave irradiation, though not escalated to the unbearable faint headache. When I suffer from this symptom, I feel that the unconsciousness is an inch ahead, though I have not yet. It depends on the individuality, hence if you are prone to be faint, you lose consciousness quickly after its irradiation.


It might be similar to an epileptic seizure. If you are prone to shut your brain down, you definitely lose consciousness by this electromagnetic manipulation. If not, you can keep conscious while your brain is total out of the order with unbearable faint and headache. This symptom is exacerbated when you take an alcohol even slightly, which is escalated into the respiratory difficulty. You can keep your conscious for a little while in this case as well, but there is no other choice to lose eventually with a sleep.


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