26 [Positive and negative by the radiowave]: your emotion is easily manipulated by the electromagnetic wave

The emotion can be controlled by the wireless electromagnetic wave. It is one of the primitive functions of the human being. Each feeling consists of the straight direction, indicating it is not composed of the complicated brainwave pattern, which implies the emotion can be controlled by the simple pattern of frequencies.


Although, the emotion is not emerged independently, but more like along with the object. For example, the negative feeling arises in your mind, which is just a negativity, nothing more than that. However, it is escalated to a hatred coming up with the disgusting event or object.


The positive and negative are the basic emotions to the human being. The positive feeling is quite similar to being high on the drug if the emotion is independently given. If you are manipulated by the radiowave to become high, you are prone to accept and believe the words or proposition from the other end of the conversation. It is also coincidental to the endorphin effect, and actually, it might be released when the radiowave is irradiated for this manipulation.


The essence here is that the human being is more misled by the informational manipulation, together with the emotional control. The information is not necessarily sent by the radiowave, but can be delivered by the physical conversation, or even fine with the e-mail. If that is the case, the brainwave control is just required to explode an emotion with the help of physical manipulations. Under the emotional control by the radiowave, your positive feeling should form the conviction by an exposure to the manipulated information which is easily slipped into your mind as a truth.


On the other hand, the negative emotion works in the other way. If this feeling is strengthened by the electromagnetic wave, you hold a negative perception of the issue confronted at this time moment. However, it is just a directional feeling of the negativity, which is not decisive how it is escalated into.


For example, the sadness is an extension of this negative, while it consists of the complicated perceptions, more than just being negative on something. It implies the sadness requires more complicated manipulation to arise in your mind. The negative is a straight feeling which can be controlled more easily by the wireless radiowave, though it requires more manipulation to become a concrete feeling on the targeted object or person.


The electromagnetic wave actually manipulates you more than just being negative, though it also requires more complicated control. For example, when you feel a negative at the same time with a pain in your heart, you become sad from the wireless irradiation. It is because the sadness is also felt at the heart, whose control should give a direction from the negative to the sadness.


Having said that, there is no object to feel sad, hence you can separate that feeling as external if you realize you are controlled by the wireless electromagnetic wave. The frontal lobe has its function to separate the emotion out for the logical thinking. Your emotion might be manipulated, but your thought and behavior are not necessarily affected by the same wireless radiowave.


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