76-1 [Invisible voice]: there are two ways of controls, phonetic and non-sound

It is an important discussing point how deeply the electromagnetic wave can manipulate the subject. The normal manipulation requires a physical contact where the spy should be acquainted with the target, but the radiowave can skip that part, which makes this operation more secretive.

At this point, the issue is at a non-sound voice in your brain. Its methodology really exists and it was in 2013 when I noticed its operation. However, looking back my past, I was at least its subject in the middle of 2000s, but I totally did not realize it.

It definitely occurred at the house where I used to live from 2005 to 2007 when I suffered from other symptoms created by the electromagnetic wave operation. My thought was also manipulated at that time, but I thought it was a distorted daydream and had no trust in it. Although it indicates I might be manipulated if it was not far away from my norm.

There are two types of voices delivered by the electromagnetic wave, one of which can be clarified who is a speaker and another is totally the same as your inner voice. I still have no clue why there is a difference, though I am pretty much sure that the phonetic voice is heard at the cortex auditory area. The non-sound voice can be heard at the same area, but the possibility of the speech area cannot be dismissed.

In the end, I am a victim, not a perpetrator, hence it is hard to perfectly understand how the radiowave manipulation is structured. The damage is a fact and the main theory is almost perfectly true followed by many probable causes; they are definitely caused by the electromagnetic wave.

There is a countermeasure to this non-sound voice that you employ your original accent and wording even in your brain. You can keep this way of thinking and the manipulator cannot follow through. If you change a language to think, you can avoid a manipulation from the same perpetrator. If you mix up these, the intelligence at least deploys several people for your operation and you can find out the crack in the end.

You might find a way to control yourself as a result, but you cannot restrain the electromagnetic manipulation itself. You still hear an inner voice which is originally not yours, as far as you are under an attack of the radiowave operation.

The difference between a clear and non-sound voice in your brain depends on the manipulative methodology, not dependent on the perpetrator. Even the same perpetrator can deliver the voice in both ways. There is a possibility that the older version of this device is just capable of sending a phonetic voice, which should be upgraded to non-sound for the recent version. That was actually what happened to me and I think it was a result of their shift to the new device.

You might think this difference is minor, but actually, it is significant. You can assume non-sound voice is an extension of the inner voice, but the clear voice should be assumed to be delivered by the god for the manipulation. Even if it is not the god, it should be something special for the subject to trust its voice and order. Otherwise, you can totally ignore a clear voice from the outside.

Having said that, you might accept this clear voice is one of your inner, especially under the morning doze. It means you can be manipulated as a twilight learning without notice, even when it can be clarified with someone’s voice in the normal state.

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