75-2 [Manipulated life]: Do not fight against wrong enemies as you might be still manipulated

I knew many spies from 1990s, some of them are nice, some of the others have no minds, and the others hold a decayed personality. The last ones are basically ill-minded, which appeared in their personality but not in their behavior, as they became friends for the job and needed to maintain its relationship.

If you are a subject of the electromagnetic manipulation, you should have some friends with a malicious intention. In a sense, they play the main role of the whole operation and the radiowave is a supplement. However, the command is decided by someone else who is highly likely unknown to you or at least not someone directly related to those spies.

When you understand there is an intelligence operation against yourself, you should notice those who are occasionally quite malicious in their behaviors. Although, you might not recognize their existence when they are intrinsic criminals hired by agencies, as they can commit a crime without notice.

It is necessary to know who the manipulators are for countering an operation, but your search might diverge when you are a subject of the electromagnetic manipulation. In the end, you should be hostile against your surroundings wrongly, which is a bad sign as you are more manipulated than you assume. I saw many people used by the police intelligence and joining a gaslighting, some of which even committed a crime, though they were just used, not a spy. The hostility against them was not a solution and will not solve a fundamental issue.

I always thought sorry for them used by the spy. They were also manipulated by the spy and dragged down even to break the law. Once they reached to that level, they could not decline a request from the spy and continued their criminal action, where there was no way out. This mindset held true to the unethical cooperation that they suffered from a guilty conscious, which made them impossible to reject spy’s control.

In this way, the whole community was manipulated by the intelligence operation. You might have the same experience, though you better understand the fundamental issue does not appear in front of you, which is deeply hidden in the scene. Your aggression does not solve an issue of this manipulation and should calm yourself down to recognize who is ill-minded, which appears at their personality, but not at their behavior as they should maintain a relationship with you.

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