75-1 [Manipulated life]: it is hard to realize a manipulation unless you realized it

My life has been deeply manipulated by the spy through the electromagnetic wave, but I cannot recollect all the detail of those manipulations. Even if my behavior is controlled by the wave, it is deeply built into the brain, therefore it is quite hard to differentiate especially at the time when I did not understand a methodology of the radiowave manipulation.

Conversely, I have somehow discerned my behavior under the manipulation since I figured out I was under their control. I could dismiss an irregular thought from mine more than before and could find many ways to contain my emotion to have an influence on my decision.

As mentioned, there was a physical manipulation to convince me an existence of the ghost, which was purported to maneuver me through an invisible voice. I saw its electromagnetic manipulation in 1993 and I was apparently targeted for its operation in 1996, but there was no such approach after that. It does not mean they gave up manipulating me, considering their history of operations, but it means their technology advanced to do away with convincing me an existence of the ghost.

It is highly likely that they were able to send a thought rather than a voice, which was another way to manipulate the subject. When the wave just delivers a voice, it is necessary for the manipulator to convince the voice is trustworthy beforehand, but when it delivers just a thought, they can skip one process for the manipulation.

The physical manipulation has been conducted against me for a long time, almost the same term as the electromagnetic wave control. I could not point out all the spies and their assets, but I knew tens of them through my life. There have been various people, ranging from ill-minded assets to coerced collaborators, and some have worked for Japanese intelligence and others for the CIA. Some of them are also employed for the electromagnetic manipulation as well.

The intelligence agencies have deployed many spies around me. They also live near to my place, but the majority of my neighbors are not one of them. There should be a special occasion that all of your surroundings are agents of the spy, but it is not easy as it costs.

You can find more spies amongst your friends. There are some ill-minded spies amongst my acquaintances, some of whom I came to know strangely. I can confirm a dozen of CIA agents and MI6 officers, and be acquainted with tens of CIA asset personally. There are several undercover police officers I know, which is actually not permitted in the Japanese judicial system.

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