76-2 [Invisible voice]: if you are electromagnetically manipulated, you can also find spies amongst your acquaintance

In the normal state, even your inner voice is one of options to follow, which does not necessarily conclude your behavior. Especially when you make a decision considering multiple pros and cons, it is more difficult to manipulate your final determination.

On the other hand, your behavior should be more maneuvered if you decide what to do relatively in a simple consideration. It implies if you are in nature to think too much, it takes more time for the manipulator to control over you. Adding to this, it needs more time originally to induce the subject to commit a crime, which is not triggered just by your inner voice tell you to do so.

In the end, it requires a different approach toward two voices. If you trust the clear voice in the brain, it is an effective methodology to maneuver your act. If you are in nature to dismiss its phenomenon, it takes more time to be manipulated, or it should require another physical manipulation to control your behavior.

Looking back my past, I was often manipulated externally without notice. It means I was affected physically by spies around me, but also it is highly likely controlled by the electromagnetic wave. The wave was frequently used when I was in Japan, even at the time to make a significant life decision, and there were more physical manipulations when I lived in other countries, which are London, New York and Hong Kong.

However, I had not realized this fact for a long time. I was hinted several times in the past of an existence of the electromagnetic wave, but I just did not accept the idea that the human being would be controlled externally. Moreover, I did not know there were so many spies around me, as I could not imagine I was a target of the intelligence community.

However, there was a misunderstanding of spies for my circumstantial memory which should be exceptionally clear that I can discern many spies by their past behaviors even though I did not realize who they really were. And then, I realized there were many occasions to manipulate me and some spies just coming near just for their jobs ill-mindedly.

This situation indicates that the electromagnetic wave is not employed solely. It is more like you can find some spies around to manipulate your behavior. These two methodologies are complementary to manipulate you under control of the intelligence operation.

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