18 [Wireless brainwave reading]: its only function is to snoop what you think

It is unnecessary to read the brainwave wirelessly if only to control and affect the brain through the wireless radiowave.


When the subject is tested at the experiment of electromagnetic wave irradiation, it can confirm what frequency has a specific influence on the brain, unnecessary to read the brainwave wirelessly. Even if they would like to know what the brainwave indicates at this time moment, it can be analyzed through the wired connection, unnecessary to read the brainwave wirelessly. The radiowave has a limitation in terms of its directivity and electrical power, whose influence can be tested wirelessly against more number of subjects, but the wired connection is enough to show its result.


The brainwave reading is only required when the operator would like to capture what the subject thinks about. When you think in the brain, the specific frequency is generated inside the skull accordingly.


Let’s think about the hand movement, which is actually a result of the brain function, the same as thinking in the brain. We already know the brain address of hand movement, but you use many brain areas for thinking, not definitively concluding how it is constructed. Although, the hand movement also requires wider brain areas, because you move it as a result of the purpose you would like to achieve, such as typing a keyboard. There is no big difference between thinking and body movement in terms of the brain activity, both requiring thinking process in any way.


The brainwave is generated during the course of these brain activities. The synchronization is a phenomenon that your brain activity is synchronized to the external electromagnetic wave, which also means your action is controlled by the radiowave irradiation. On the contrary, the operator can reconstruct the meaning what you think, when your brainwave is decoded.


There is a big difference between wired and wireless in terms of the brain reading. If connected through wires on the brain, the brainwave can be transmitted to the machine as it is. However, it is impossible to read the wave wirelessly as it is, because the irradiation from the brain is too weak to be read by the remote antenna. I am not sure how far it can go, but one meter is highly likely too distant to be read.


It is necessary to use a radar to read the brainwave wirelessly. It is also one type of the electromagnetic wave, though featured as a high frequency with directivity. When it is irradiated to the brain, the reflection wave is slightly modulated by the brainwave. If this mixed wave is decoded and separated, one of which is the original radar and another is the brainwave.


In this case, the radar is not an ultra-long wave, more like a directional wave which is easier to handle, though its electromagnetic wave cannot affect the brain, just employed for reading. Then, they can get the reflected radar wave and extract the brainwave from it. The next big step is how to understand the meaning of its wave.


There are two possible ways to read that wave, one of which is a digital analysis that the wave is analyzed digitally to reconstruct what the subject thinks in the brain. The other way is to recognize it in the analog.


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