14-2 [Brainwave synchronization]: it is a truth that the brain is affected by the specific frequency

The biofeedback is one of the research methodologies of the brainwave, which connects the brain with wires to the EEG, electroencephalograph, for reading its frequency. Or, the electromagnetic wave is sent back to the brain, to cure the cerebral irregularity. The same connection can be established through the wireless radiowave, though it better start from the discussion of wired, to avoid the complexity.


You just imagine the head is wired by many electrodes to the EEG machine. To tell the truth, there is no need to use multiple electrodes, as it is a matter of the frequency, but this original research field also concerns the partial impact of the brain area, hence the multiple wires are equipped with the head. The brainwave is not necessarily related to its specific study, but it is the more widespread image of the frequency reading and affecting, which is enough to understand the technology to utilize the brainwave.


This research field concerns the brain behavior when something wrong happens to it or to provide solutions how to cure the irregular brain activity, not meant to study a control the brain. The brainwave is one of their targets to research, together with the brain part, when the disorder emerged within the brain.


This disorder is ranged from not just a physical damage from the stroke, but also to a mental disease. The specific brainwave sometimes is created according to each disorder, and once it is clarified, the research is continued what kind of frequency can reduce its disorder from the external irradiation; that is EEG about. This is not a study to control the brain, but there is one critical attention that it is prohibited to irradiate the delta wave to those who are prone to cause a stroke, as they are likely to have it as a result.


This is rephrased to the reality that the stroke is brought from the irradiation of delta wave. This is not effective to all individual, but some of them suffer from it and actually suffered in this methodology.


There is a phenomenon called as the synchronization that the brainwave is synchronized to the electromagnetic wave from the outside, which controls the brain activity as a result. It is beyond the fact that the brain is reacted to the electricity given externally, but your brain and behavior can be controlled by the external electromagnetic wave. That is why some of them suffer from the stroke by its irradiation.


For example, when the frequency is irradiated to your brain, which is featured to feel fatigue, you also feel fatigue as a result of the synchronization. When the frequency of aggression is irradiated to your brain, you also become aggressive as a result. This frequency is not necessarily a single, but a pattern of the frequency fluctuation which can control you externally.


There are still lots of people doubting about the brain control from the outside, though it is a truth that the brain is somehow affected by the electromagnetic wave. The high voltage electricity shocks the human body and the low frequency vibrates the human body such as a massage machine. The synchronization is kind of an extension of these phenomena, to affect the brain activity directly through the electromagnetic wave.