21 [Brainwave reading]: your brainwave can be read by the other brain

The complicated frequency pattern is hard to be cracked, which also means that its digital analysis is difficult, though it does not mean the digital processing is unavailable. It is necessary to identify how the unique pattern is generated by the specific brain activity before replicating it through digital processing.


Or, it is hard to elucidate the meaning which the wave contains instantaneously, even though the brainwave is cracked digitally, as it requires some time for its calculation process. The instant transformation is critical for the brain manipulation in practice, as it becomes more effective when understanding what the subject thinks to improvise the operation.


As a matter of fact, there is a simple way to read the brain, which is to recognize the brainwave as it is. The brainwave can be read wirelessly, but it had better start from the wired, where the brainwave is transmitted through the wired electrode to the outside. When you think something, it creates the brainwave which is transmitted to the operator’s brain through the wired connection, and then your thought is snooped.


The reader’s brain is synchronized to your brainwave in this way, while this synchronization is a one-way from you to the reader. The two-way communication is complicated, but not so difficult through the wired connection, where the both brainwaves are sent and received each other for its synchronization.


If both of you have the similar brainwave characteristic, your brains are easily synchronized to make yourselves understood each other. In other words, if your individuality is matched to the operator, both of you think and behave in the same way through wired connection. If this is a one-way synchronization, the reader thinks the same as you do and moves in the same as you do, such as raising a hand simultaneously.


The key here is how much both of you are on the same wavelength in terms of your brain activities. However, in my understanding, this conformity is rare, which requires another adjustment for the general use of the brain manipulation. The next key is a conversion of the frequency from one analog band to the other. It is not difficult to shift the range up and down, and also not difficult to compress or extend the range. In these two directions, the electromagnetic wave can be converted physically.


This system is quite akin to the general wireless communication. Some radio equipment, such as a mobile phone, has their specific code, which is a key to read the encoded data sent from another equipment. This decoding is quite similar to the brainwave connection and its adjustment mentioned above.


In my experience, there are many people communicating through the radiowave, hence the uniqueness of each brainwave pattern is adjustable by the simple conversion. If not, the synchronization occurs within more limited number of people. Although, there should be a limitation especially at the linguistic point of view, necessary to share the same language for its brainwave communication, but it does not mean the brainwave is differently used.


This adjustment code is the last piece to find out for the brain control. It might be randomly analyzed in the same manner with tuning the radio station, which is really the same process of its conversion. Or, it might be systematically and more efficiently found out through the algorithm.


All in all, even though the brainwave is not completely cracked or analyzed digitally, they already can read your thought in the brain and can control your behavior. Even if each brainwave is unique to each individual, the simple conversion can translate the brainwave to the reader.