17-4 [Wireless brainwave control]: the synchronization is the phenomenon sparking in the brain according to the external radiowave

The frequency used for the brain control is centered at the beta wave, but longer waves are also irradiated, whose directivity is much lower. Although, the brain activity is much more complicated to generate many waves simultaneously when each cell functions. Therefore its complexity creates the directivity in nature.


There is another related issue which is an electromagnetic sensitivity for each individual. Even if the same power of electricity is generated, the perception is not necessarily the same, which is dependent on their sensitivity. You can be controlled by the certain wave, but other are not just due to its difference.


From my experience, it is just three occasions that the people in front have spoken the exact same language which I got through the radiowave. It implies that the brainwave is not necessarily too unique, but from the different viewpoints, the majority of people are less affected by the same wave. It is still uncertain this difference is more derived from the individuality or sensitivity.


For example, the microwave oven vibrates molecules to heat up a stuff, hence that electromagnetic wave and its electrical power has an influence. If there is a bigger size of the microwave which you can enter into, you should be affected by the wave as the way it normally works for the smaller size. If leaving you there until highly heated up, the death is inevitable. That is apparently an effect of the electromagnetic wave wirelessly.


That wave is actually leaked to the outside, but the influence is quite limited just to jam the WIFI communication. However, if the power is aggrandized, the impact is more to the outside as well. That is one of the way to affect the people wirelessly, though it consumes too much energy to assume practically.


The efficient way is to find a frequency to synchronize with the brain or organs, which is beamed externally to the subject. The electricity consumption is extremely less at this control, though the individuality is another obstacle for this operation. This obstacle is already conquered somehow to control the human being with the electromagnetic wave.


The control is also executed through wired and wireless in the same manner. That is a fact. The current issue is what kind of influence the wave can affect and how progressed the wireless technology becomes. These are not open to the public, as they are classified by the government. There exists a technology which is dangerous, though it is hidden from the public eyes.