17-3 [Wireless brainwave control]: the individuality is necessarily cracked for the customized effect

The next issue is the frequency range affecting to organs. It is experimentally proved that the beta wave affects them, externally, though cannot dismiss a possibility of other frequencies. I have no clue about the exact frequency, though the stomach and bowel are not always affected simultaneously, implying each of them is affected by the unique wavelength. It is more likely that the corresponding beta wave exists for each organ to react.


Although, it creates again the issue of its directivity. It might have the same influence on the people within the specific range, while the difference is just brought from the individuality including the strength of their visceral organ. The directional influence requires higher frequencies, such as 22GHz for the molecular resonance. However, its straightness creates another issue that the wave is easily deteriorated and hard to pass through an obstacle.


As a result of these considerations, the ultra-long wave is normally used and the individuality is quite wide more than expected. If that is the case, the influence is directional, even though the electromagnetic wave is too low to spread widely.


This individuality is analogous to the effective difference at each organ. If the heart and bowel generate the same frequency, they might malfunction to each other, i.e. the heart might be affected and failed by the frequency which is irradiated by the bowel. That means they definitely have distinctive frequencies, which is why they are affected by the different electromagnetic wave externally. This relation holds true for each individual, all of us irradiate a unique and slightly different frequency when the body is activated.


The issue is how decisive the individuality is to control the brain externally. This individuality is created through human growth to generate a unique frequency for each, not a result of the information written in DNA. Or, the pure chemical reaction is not the only source to determine the frequency, but the size of cells or their connectivity also affects the level of an electromagnetic wave.


Adding to this, there is an issue at what level the individuality defines a difference of frequencies. For example, if its difference is significant like 50Hz and 60Hz, the individuality is a critical factor to control the brain through the electromagnetic wave. If its difference is slight like 50.5Hz and 50.6Hz, it is only meaningful when the human being can differentiate these frequencies distinctively.


If the issue is not a simple frequency but its pattern, the individuality is distinctive at a multiplication. If that is the case, the certain wave affects only you directionally though it requires more information of your brainwave to control wirelessly.


Or, there might be a pattern of frequencies, which has the specific influence to the majority of people. If that is the case, the effective pattern can be extrapolated from decoding many brainwaves. As a matter of fact, I am the one who is suffered, not the one to commit a crime with the electromagnetic wave, therefore the true nature of controlling methodology is not yet decoded. Although, the answer is definitely somewhere around what we discussed here. And there are some of them who know the answer and there are some of them who abuse its technology for their criminal activity, even though they have no idea how it works.

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