2 Conspiracy case in Japan

The conspiracy is existed even in the modern democratic countries, shown with the example in Japan.


There are many organizations and institutions to conspire in Japan, some of which are the government vehicles and some of them are privately constructed. Some of them are domestically oriented, but some of them are foreign institutions, which are basically the same as seen in Syria. The conspiracies are executed by the anti-government movements, or run by domestic and foreign intelligence agencies.


The situation is basically the same everywhere in the globe, even in the US, even in Europe. There are many domestic and foreign intelligences trying to affect their standpoint to the political sphere.


Although, there should be a uniqueness for each region and country. As is the case in Japan, CIA has a big branch in Tokyo, while China and North Korea actively conspire to manipulate Japanese politics to their favors. The number of people died from the intelligence plot is by far lower than in the conflict areas, but it really happens in Japan as well. The biggest difference is at its appearance, whether the killing is obviously taken place or hiddenly executed. If there is no conspiracy, there is no need for foreign intelligence existing in Japan, implying something wrong is always successfully plotted in some ways, to their favors. That is the reason why they maintain their budget to run the operation.


The murder is executed just as an extension of the intelligence manipulation and the political conspiracy is often plotted as one of their main raison d’etre. This is not just happened in Japan, but also taken place everywhere, even in the US, even in Europe. We just hope the democracy works as its true nature, but it is always highly manipulated and endangered by ill-minds of domestic and foreign organizations.


Back in Japan, the US and Soviet Union had tried hard to affect Japanese politics, especially after World War II. Japan is and was one of the US allies, but, at the same time, the neighbor of Soviet. Actually, the geographically closet country to Japan is still Russia which needs to pass somewhere in Japan to voyage out to the Pacific Ocean, hence it is necessary to interact, whatever happens. In the past days under the cold war, this border was one of the main frontline of the east and the west, which was one of the reason why the US and Soviet intelligence actively serviced in Japan to conspire the policy to their favors.


This situation was completely changed after the end of the cold war, not any more frontline, even though the geography is not changed. Adding to this, the intelligence activity of Russia is apparently lesser than the past Soviet, besides North Korea and China are still as active as before, but not necessarily increased. Their intelligence conspiracy is not welcomed in Japan, but it is not expected to end, as they would like to affect Japanese policy to their favors, which is the unofficial side of the diplomacy.


However, the biggest problem to Japan is CIA operation. They exist in Japan to affect the policy to their favors, which is the reason why they can receive enough budget to run their operation, also implying their activity is successful, even though they can cut more as the Soviet was already gone many decades ago.


Their operation includes many murders even in Japan, which is the same happening in the conflict areas. There is no reason they behave non-muscularly just in Japan, meaning they are the same everywhere in the globe, even in their home country, the United States. There are many conspiracies and manipulations done by the intelligence, which is not officially emerged, but it does not mean their activity is lawfully acceptable. The reality is sometimes more dangerous, when it is not emerged in the official eyes.


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