1 Conspiracy or what?

The conspiracy really exists.


It has a long history, even not extinct in the modern days. Its methodology should be transformed through the time, though it is still an issue of our lives. It is still seen all over the world, might be the result of incurable human nature.


Analyzing what happened in Syria, the conspiracy was shadowed in the reality. There were many factors to cause the war, though it was aggravated after the attack on July 18th 2012, when the existing government was bombed at their center. The man in charge of internal security was killed during the action, exacerbating a stability of the country, economically and politically. It implies this attack was to undermine the Syrian government by eliminating one of the men in change.


This was apparently not an indiscriminate terrorism, but the politically focused attack. At the same time, this was not just an extension of their domestic conflict, but the internal war was aggrandized and aggravated after this incident, meaning, this was the starting point of the real war. There was no attack at the center after this, geographically and politically, also implying this was a bomb with the political reason to topple the government followed by the massive military actions later on.


This was absolutely a conspiracy. If claiming it was not, that claim itself is one of the appearances of its conspiracy. The world is not built on it, though it is also shrewd to tag “conspiracy theory” as one of the absurd to believe, because it works quite effective to alienate the truth behind the reality.


Having said that, it is also true that the conspiracy theory is misguided by the people who claim the current world is its outcome. For example, ISIS emerged after this bomb destabilized the existing government ruling. In the normal conspiracy theory, this bomb was plotted to expand the power of ISIS. From the current viewpoint to the past, this was what actually happened, hence ISIS was conspired by some powers. This perception should be too extreme to be true, which is one of the reason why the conspiracy theory is avoided.


The team who plotted this operation did not expect ISIS emerged from the disruption. They just prospected to transfer the government after the security was exacerbated, with the attack from anti-government forces. The explosion at the government center should have disrupted the existing political power, which should have been toppled by the anti-government movements, or at least they can expand their control areas in Syria. However, the bomb was actually ended up with the harsher internal war with the new evil ISIS expanding their capability.


This streak of events implies that the conspiracy is not necessarily successful. The initial operation has a temporal political effect, though its outcome is not what they prospected originally. In this case, the bomb on the political center was successful in their terms, though they could not deliver the peace after its operation. The causality is not that simple. There are more factors unknown originally at the time of plotting, whose causalities are complicatedly intermingled, therefore the conspiracy does not work as they want, which occurs more often when their prospect is too extensive to be controlled.


Back to this operation in Syria, whether did conspirators expect the emergence of ISIS originally? If that is the case, their plot was more than successful, highly controlled from their initial bombing. If that is not the case, the exacerbation of Syrian war was unexpectedly brought from their failures, which killed numerous people, not just in Syria and Iraq, but all over the world, to provide an opportunity for ISIS to expand.


This analysis suggests that this operation contributed to the current existence of ISIS and the plotter should have their responsibility to the killings, later on. The operation is not always ended as they want, however, did they really assume this sizable despair was brought from their mistakes? How do they take a responsibility for the lives lost by their conspiracy? There is no official argument what actually happened behind the scene, but is it the right thing to do?


The conspiracy still really exists in this world, which is often failed, finally to bring tremendous despairs. Moreover, there are various conspiracies plotted by ill-minds, which manipulate our society unnoticeably, to deprive the future from numerous lives, psychologically and physically.


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