72 [Pancreatitis caused by the radiowave]: you can also develop a disease triggered by the electromagnetic wave

It was in 1991 that I was hospitalized due to pancreatitis. I got a severe abdominal pain in the night and went to see a doctor in the following morning. He diagnosed me as such and I entered hospital directly.


It is still hard to classify whether this was caused by the electromagnetic wave or not. It might be a natural cause, but I was too young to suffer from it and moreover I have not had any issues on pancreas since then. All in all, it was more likely driven by the radiowave.


Pancreatitis might be exacerbated to pancreatic cancer. The normal inflammation cannot be escalated to cancer, but in the pancreas, an inflammation might be transformed to a cyst, which can be advanced to cancer in the end. I have no complete knowledge of other organs, but at least, pancreatic cancer can be caused by the electromagnetic wave.


That might be a reason why the technology was established to target a pancreas, a long time ago, as its attack was different from those against other organs in terms of the mortality. Having said that, its impact was still dependent on the individuality, which was why I did not suffer from pancreatic cancer.


There is a possibility that I was a subject of the electromagnetic wave before that, but I did not remember correctly. I became a subject of the Japanese police intelligence in 1970s or 80s, but I had no memory what they had done to me. I was too young to remember each event correctly, and also my memories were contaminated to extract a clear picture of each.


However, I am pretty much sure that I was evidently attacked by the radiowave from the early 1990s. I just wrote about operations related to the electromagnetic manipulation, but there were various intelligence operations, physically conducted against me at the same time. That was also why I am 100% convinced I was attacked by the wave in those days. Also as you can see, there were many witnesses involved in these operations, hence it was actually hard for the intelligence circle to deny that they have had this technology for several decades and I was one of their targets.


Adding to this, I have suffered from many symptoms caused by the radiowave opaquely for more than three years, but the same symptom occurred to me in 1990s as well. I got some electromagnetic symptoms in the houses living in April and May 2001 and from 2005 to 2007, which was another explanation that I have been a subject of them continuously. They cannot deny the fact anymore.


Looking back the past, there were always two dimensions, one of which was to hire me as their asset. Apparently, they employed many tactics for this operation, but the bottom line was a brainwash to lead me into their intelligence circle.


The other direction was to render me harmless, as I was hard to be brainwashed even with the electromagnetic wave manipulation. This direction appeared as murder attempts against me or manipulations for my criminalization. My political philosophy has been adamant to hate the left extremist and also the authoritarian officers. In the end, they were those who tried hard to convert my being to one of them, though they continuously failed as I so much hated their authoritarianism in either way, which was translated into a perception that I should be harm to their existence.


In my life, there were times dominated by this manipulation from both sides in the last more than twenty years. Sadly enough but, I had not realized these vicious operations for a long time, just assuming they were a result of the accidental coincidence.


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